Sunday, 10 February 2013

Recycling Con

 It turns out that huge amounts of sorted household waste is not actually recycled and is sent to landfill. This makes a mockery of the many council claims that they are achieving their targets in recycling.

In some areas people are not allowed to take 'waste' (even buy it) from recycling centres because of some vague 'health and safety' rules.  In some areas people are having to pay to enter the recycling centres and pay to deposit certain types of waste.
There is no overall national strategy and each area has different coloured bins and arrangements for waste collection.
Clearly there is much abuse of public funds going on in various councils. They demand money from the population and waste most of the money on private profits, often exhorbitant expenses, and their pensions, and fail to deliver on the public services that they are trusted to provide. That is a simple case of FRAUD!

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