Monday, 29 July 2013

Bedroom Tax - a FRAUD that is ruining lives!

"Let's not lose sight of the fact that this is about real people, with real fears about growing debt and upheaval – and it is also about us as a business. Rent arrears built up by residents affected by the bedroom tax have risen by £7,777 in 12 weeks, an increase of 9%, and the overall number of affected tenants who have fallen behind on their rent has risen from 187 to 279 – a whopping 49%."

As this report shows, cutting Public Services and removing benefits does not improve anything for the economy.
Whilst the government gives hundreds of millions in subsidies to rich landowners, huge subsidies to corporations, STILL allow huge pay rises to politicians and corporate heads, are spending billions on the EU, spending hundreds of millions arming Al CIAda and other terrorists, claiming to be able to spend trillions on Trident missile systems, allowing leading Tories and others to embezzle billions on offshore accounts, are involved in one expenses scandal after another, they are showing the entire population that there is NO SCARCITY OF MONEY WHATSOEVER!
Failure to serve the Public Trust and its Beneficiaries is FRAUD and a CRIMINAL offence. Time to STOP PAYING TAXES to CRIMINALS!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Birmingham CT paying for FRAUD

Birmingham corporate Council Taxes have been paying for incompetence and fraud, and secure pensions for the perpetrators!

"The problems are deep seated, with persistent issues with late and poor quality reports, and low morale, all which raise concerns over its ability to protect vulnerable children. Ofsted are due back in September, although it is understood that the council is trying to defer the inspection."

When public servants fail to serve the Beneficaries of the Public Trust they are no longer eligible for their position of Trust or any benefits of that position!
Paying Council Tax to FRAUDULENT corporate councils which in any way supports their FRAUD, is complicity in the FRAUD!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Social Services to be fully privatised - FRAUD!

Paying Council Tax is support for MASSIVE corporate FRAUD!
""For the government to consider outsourcing a sensitive service such as foster care to the private sector, when we have just seen with G4S and Serco how a profit motive can have disastrous consequences for the public purse, is madness. The proposals remove many of the checks and balances required to ensure the safety of children whilst introducing the unchecked unpredictability of the market. They should withdraw these proposals now and think again,""
 "The DfE said it was "nonsense to suggest that private-sector and voluntary organisations cannot provide good-quality services for children" and that the suggested change in policy was first explored under the last government."
"Labour claims that the government's proposals leave a potential conflict of interest because the same company would be able to award placements, monitor them and run them."

Social Services (SS) are being run for profit NOW! Council Tax goes towards paying for SS on a county by county basis. This plan is simply full privatising of the 'service', for profit, from Public Funds, with obvious conflict-of-interest, which is, by definition, FRAUD and therefore CRIMINAL!

Cornwall Council - taking Pubic Funds for private profit!

Counci Tax is a huge corporate FRAUD!
These stories from people, who are desperate for a basic life, are just an example of what is happening around Britain, being imposed upon the people of Britain by the private-for-profit corporation UK plc and the private-for-profit corporate councils!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Massive FRAUD by Kent County Council!

Corporate-run Kent County Council has given "gagging orders" to 151 former members of staff in the past five years!
"The largest payout of £420,000 ...went to the authority's former managing director Katherine Kerswell, who left her post in December 2011 after 18 months ... more than £14m has been spent on redundancy packages as part of the cuts."

So Kent CC has spent millions of pounds of Public Funds on implementing 'cuts in spending'? You couldn't make this nonsense up! This is a clear case of Misuse of Public Office and Misappropriation of Public Funds, BOTH serious CRIMINAL offences!
Time for the people who live in Kent to STOP PAYING the FRAUDULENT Council Tax!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Cornish council worker using threats and harassment

Danielle Curtis, using her position as council worker in Redruth, Cornwall threatened Pay the £300 today between you or it goes back to the full amount and I will start court, social care, and housing benefit. Pay or that’s it.”

A council worker threatening to take children into care over a rent dispute?

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

CT driving families into poverty and homelessness!

Corporate councils that are FRAUDULENTLY demanding payments for 'services' that they have NOT given, are driving people into poverty and homelessness!
"...thousands of social housing tenants in the region behind on their rent - with some households making themselves homeless to avoid further debts..."

This SCANDAL is FRAUD on a massive scale! Time for EVERYONE to STOP PAYING ANY Council Tax and insist upon a private contract for specific services provided!

Unable to pay the Council Tax FRAUD? Then move...but we won't let you! Haha!

So damned if you pay and damned if you don't?
Sounds like grounds for asking for a private contract for the specific services received!

Those corporate Councils will be creating Debtors Prisons next!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Sell your TV to pay Council Tax!

So no problem. Just sell your TV, furniture, whatever else, so that the local corporate council can have enough to pay its staff nice pensions and have large expense accounts while they cut public services!

I wonder how much the corporate council staff are being paid-off (with Public Funds) to keep quiet about the MASSIVE FRAUD that they are perpetrating against the Beneficiaries of the Public Trust?

Council tenants can rent out spare rooms?

Is this designed to cause confusion?
So corporate councils can demand tax that pays for their pensions, expenses, investments, courses, etc, damage peoples' lives, cut public services to pay their bankrupt corporate profits, but also 'allow' council tenants to rent their spare rooms?
You couldn't make this nonsense up!

Massive potential 'people power' in Stoke-on-Trent

Stoke-on-Trent FRAUDULENT corporate council, who have been charging council tax on houses for sale that use no services of any kind, is chasing thousands of people for it's FRAUDULENT Council Tax.

"This funding is a vital part of the city's budget and we want to make sure every penny goes towards providing vital frontline services.
"We will pursue everyone who owes the council money so those funds can be spent on services for the people of this city."
Councillor Terry Crowe, "cabinet member for finance", is a LIAR! As a Trustee of the Public Trust he is bound by a Duty of Care and MUST serve the public. By imposing cuts in benefits, by denying the Public Trust Beneficiaries ANYTHING he is committing a CRIMINAL OFFENCE at Common Law!
This FRAUDULENT corporate council uses about 30% for Public Services while the remainder goes to spending on copper-bottomed pensions for corporate council employees, funding for 'investments', expense accounts for councillors and staff, NGOs and EU-promoting organisations, cuts in a wide range of 'benefits' and the implementation of CRIMINAL corporate central government policies, Common Purpose courses, and more!

Anyone from Stoke-on-Trent reading this will undoubtedly realise that 9,700 people constitutes plenty of 'people power', and such a large number could easily be mobilised into a large and powerful Community Trust with PRIVATE claim over its Beneficiaries and their assets. Then the corporate Stoke-on-Trent council will have no other option but to negotiate private contracts with ALL local people for local services, all properly provided and invoiced!

Time to EXPOSE THE FRAUD of the corporate councils!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Council tax, do we have to pay it??

As he clarifies, Council Tax is governed by 'legislation' which is "given the force of law by the consent of the governed". Which means that the wholly corporate Council Tax is indeed subject to (yearly) contract and under Contract laws there MUST be full disclosure at the point of signing by BOTH parties!
All the information he provides is easy to check and confirm! 
Increasingly, people are asking for 'proof of claim' and 'proof of authority' and the corporate councils cannot provide either so resort to intimidation and harassment (both criminal at Common Law) to coerce folk into paying.
Some other people are insisting upon a 'private agreement for services provided' with the councils, but the councils are refusing any such agreement. Why? Obviously because what they actually provide and what they demand payment for are so totally different and revealing of extensive corruption within the corporate councils themselves!

Are you being libelled by your landlord?

Are YOU being libelled by your landlord?

"Tenants themselves may never even know they have been libelled as they will simply be refused a property with no explanation."

Monday, 1 July 2013

Corporate councils send fraudulent 'summons'...

Not one 'summons' came from a court. The council fraudulently sends out their own 'summons' (offer to contract/invitation to a place of private business) and make a substantial profit on the 'court fees' and any fines!
So, technically, those 4600 people could all go to the council building and ask why they are impersonating a court!
One by one the corporate councils are exposing their FRAUD and their CRIME!