Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Is YOUR council investing in ILLEGAL munitions?

Wesley Ahmed:
"ASK YOUR COUNCIL THIS "APPLICATION FOR DISCOUNT UNDER SECTION 13a LOCAL GOVERNMENT FINANCE ACT 1992" and all you ask if you end up in court is that the council can assure you that the monies going to the council does not go on funding terrorism
thats what you call a legal cluster bomb going off inside your council
they use paper and pen terrorism to collect your money
they use your money to fund terrorism
they are hiding Trillions of your money in reserved bank accounts ask your council how much do they have in reserves
they pay £3 for a summons and charge you between £75.00 to £100 pound which is another money making racket and another license for them the council to print more money
if you dont believe me watch this
your government is the council who fund terrorism on a daily basis
you are more likely to be killed by your own government and corporate entity's than you are a terrorist shite they spewout in their propaganda bullshit
Tie them up in their own bullshit"

It is time to STOP PAYING Council Tax to the FRAUDULENT & CRIMINAL corporate councils!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Wigan MBC - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

Is it "Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council" or "Wigan Council"? Which is it?
Which one has the crest and 'official status' and which one is a PRIVATE-FOR-PROFIT company trading FRAUDULENTLY and Misappropriating Public Funds?
Which employees of Wigan MBC/Wigan Council are involved and committing the serious CRIMINAL offence of Misconduct/Malfeasance in Public Office and should all be prosecuted and imprisoned after their assets (proceeds of crime) are confiscated?
Do Wigan Social Services know about the Wigan 'council' CRIMINALS involved, and, if so, will they want to step-in and take their children into care to prevent any possible future harm that might arise from the investigations and prosecutions?

Wigan inhabitants may wish to withhold their Council Tax payments until this CRIMINAL matter is properly investigated!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Bournemouth Borough Council - A TRULY 'rotten borough'!

When a councillor challenges the legality of the budget he is told to "shut up"!

The heads of councils ALL know that MASSIVE FRAUD is being committed! Many of their management know too! ALL the Chief Financial Officers are DIRECTLY involved in FRAUD!

Time to STOP PAYING the FRAUD of Council Tax!

Who is YOUR council?

The heads of most councils are LIARS & FRAUDS!
They are STEALING from the inhabitants!
They know exactly what they are doing!
They are DELIBERATELY asset-stripping Britain!

It is time to STOP PAYING the ROTTEN FRAUD of Council Tax!

How Councils Blow Your Millions

How councils blow your millions!
Despite VAST "reserves" councils have been borrowing money and forcing inhabitants to pay the interest!

This is yet another simple case of FRAUD by the ROTTEN & CORRUPT corporate councils across Britain and the rest of the UK!
Time to STOP paying the CORPORATE FRAUD of Council Tax!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Councils get cash to fund more child stealing

While the FRAUD of "austerity" goes on impacting negatively upon local Public Services, councils are being given even more money to spend on STEALING children for CASH!

Forced Adoption is a CRIME!
Social Services (in each area) are private-for-profit registered companies, trading for PROFIT and working according to 'targets'!
Council Taxes are being used for funding FRAUD!

Council Tax is FRAUD!

Council Tax is a FRAUD of epic proportions.
EVERY council has huge sums in "investments", sums which are more than enough to negate the need for ANY payment of Council Tax and ANY need for cuts in services. This has been clearly established by investigations into the council financial reports and the fact that council Chief Financial Officers have been caught lying about the "reserves". Secrecy and Lies have been the 'normal practice' in ALL councils, especially since council administration was sold-off to large private corporations such as Capita, Southwest One and SERCO.
These articles leave little doubt about the extent of the FRAUD:

MANY inhabitants of different areas will want to question their local councils about the FRAUD in the local area, hold individuals to account for their CRIMES and will want to enter 'Dispute' over any demands for payments of the PROVEN FRAUDULENT Council Tax.
What may also be of great concern to local inhabitants is the FACT that Malfeasance/Misconduct in Public Office has been committed, by definition in Law, and Misappropriation of Public Funds has led directly to cuts in services that have impacted upon the lives of so many, causing large numbers of suicides of people who believed that they 'owed' money to the CRIMINAL councils. In addition, council staff have been sworn to secrecy and given large conditional payouts to prevent them from telling the truth. There may be some council staff who are ignorant of the FRAUD by their employers, in which case they should be informed as soon as possible so that they can be held legally liable for any failure to report the FRAUD!
Council officers should be reminded that the CRIMINAL OFFENCE of Misconduct in Public Office carries with it a sentence of up to 14 years in prison!