Sunday, 19 June 2016

Councils causing suicides

Many people are now dead because of aggressiveness & intimidation by the corporate councils and their criminal private bailiff companies, using what are criminal tactics to force people into paying the FRAUD of Council Tax!

RIP to all those who have suffered & died and condolences to the bereaved families!

Any inhabitants of the areas where these people have died will be wondering why they should pay the corporate councils a single penny, and will be considering entering a Tax Rebellion against the DISGRACEFULLY CORRUPT councils and their FRAUDULENT & CRIMINAL policies!

Monday, 6 June 2016

Bolton Council - A TRULY 'rotten borough'!

Bolton Council have been deliberately hiding their own councillors who 'forgot' to pay Council Tax!

When Bolton inhabitants realise that thousands of pounds of local Public Funds have been wasted protecting the crooked councillors from facing their own corporate-run council's rules, thereby depriving local Public Services valuable funds during a time of "austerity", they will undoubtedly want to STOP PAYING Council Taxes!

Bristol Council - TRULY a 'rotten borough'!

Bristol City Council have been flogging-off the last of their council housing stock, to drive the poorer inhabitants out of the city and into private rented accommodation. They obviously have 'forgotten' that Bristol's inhabitants PAID FOR the building of the houses in the first place!

"they will be a mixture of council-owned and affordable houses sold by the authority's new company." So Bristol Council has set-up its own private company to administer the sale of Public Assets, and the supposed construction of new housing?

As the inhabitants of Bristol paid Council Taxes for the police, the courts, council bailiffs, council staff and their corrupt pension funds, simply to STOP PAYING Council Tax will send a clear message to the corporate-run council that selling Public Assets and protecting the illegal sale with the corporate-run police and council-appointed private bailiffs, that they are 'served notice' of their criminal activities!

Newquay Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

Despite having "Unusable Reserves" stashed-away in secret accounts, administered by the Section 151 Officer using double sets of accounts to hide the truth from the majority, Newquay Council has hiked the Council Tax rates by almost 88%! Just another example of how councils have been embezzling Public Funds!

The inhabitants of Newquay will be considering to STOP PAYING Council Tax and expose their local councillors that work for private agendas!

Darlington Borough Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

Despite having substantial "Unusable Reserves" that have been hidden away from the paying public for years, Darlington's corrupt corporate council believes it can go on raising its Council Tax rates without redress!

Time for the inhabitants of Darlington to STOP PAYING Council Tax and expose the corporate-run council and its FRAUD!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Lambeth Council - A TRULY 'Rotten Borough'!

Lambeth Council is In Breach Of Trust and therefore committing a Criminal offence!

Anyone paying Lambeth Council, either with Business Rates OR Council Tax is supporting proven Criminals who have broken the conditions of having South London Carnegie Library at all.  And, fraudlently, they claim to "own" the library!
The Criminals in Lambeth Council are guilty of Malfeasance in Public Office and Misappropriation of Public Funds, both serious Criminal offences!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Council Tax is Fraud

Council Tax is Fraud and Every Tax is Fraud

"The Government in the UK is not a government elected by the people at all. It is private all for profit corporation called HM Parliaments & Governments PLC.

A statute (or act of Parliament): A legislative rule which is given the force of law with your consent. NOTE: a statute or act of Parliament IS NOT LAW. It is a rule or regulation or company policy of the private corporation HM Parliaments & Governments PLC.

It has been confirmed as truth and fact following due process at HMCTS tribunal that for a claim made u dear an act or statute to be valid, then first there must be consent of the governed. This must be obtained by way of a formal contract between HM Parliaments & Governments PLC and you. Please see the case where this fact has been proved by Baron David Ward here: David Ward v Warrington Borough Council.
­_Affidavit_of_Truth_and_Statement_of_Fac­t.pdf Exhibit B Case Authority. It is very important to note that this affidavit has never been rebutted and stands as agreed truth and fact after being served on circa 657 MPs, The Secretary of State, The Secretary of The Crown and many others

A Contract or agreement: A formal written document which lays out terms offered and accepted by the living parties, which offers full disclosure and is signed in WET INK by all parties. In the instance of a company being one of the parties, either a director in the presence of a witness or two officers of the company must sign in wet ink, and you. The contract must be entered into by all parties whole heartedly and willingly, without coercion, not under duress or under the threat of loss or harm and full disclosure must always be given if these clear requirements for a contract are not adhered to then the contract is null and void from the start. Although it is claimed that verbal contracts stand, nothing can be proved from verbal contracts. Over time, details can be forgotten by the parties and witnesses or the truth can be bent on purpose for whatever reason so they must be recorded in formal documents so there is no doubt.

Signing in wet ink: Literally means a living being must pick up a pen and sign with his own hand.

Your Signature is everything. It creates the agreement (contract) and the liability and it also creates all funds.

So unless you and the circa 64.2 million other living flesh human beings who live on the land known as the United Kingdom have signed a contract with HM Parliaments & Governments PLC agreeing to adhere to and be bound by all their acts and statutes, then any claim made against you under an act is fraud by default, including Council Tax which your liability is claimed under The Local Government Finance Act 1992.

Knowledge is power. With the knowledge you acquire, apply it only for truth and knowledge for the benefits of others and yourself."