Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Hartlepool council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

The corporate criminals that maladministrate Hartlepool council have the nerve to defend huge "reserves" that have been accumulated from Public Funds. Just like all councils, with their 'Usable' and 'Unusable' Reserves, Hartlepool is desperate to hide its embezzlement and Fraud! The so-called "Public Servants" that run the council are working for private-for-profit companies, companies that take 30% of ALL Council Tax to pay for their copper-bottomed pensions, while they impose the Fraud of "austerity" upon the local habitants.

When enough people realise the massive Fraud being perpetrated against them, they will probably want to stop paying the unlawful & illegal Council Tax to the local corporate councils that pretend to be 'serving the public'! Support for Fraud is complicity in the Fraud!

Monday, 15 January 2018

People are being illegally imprisoned for failing to pay council tax

The criminals in the private-for-profit corporate councils are using their illegal "courts", private businesses that they hire for the day, fraudulent "courts" which have no legally-qualified personnel, to falsely and fraudulently imprison the habitants of counties. The private-for-profit corporate "police" are assisting the corporate councils and their 'Third Party Interlopers' in the bailiff and debt collection companies in illegally breaking into homes, damaging property, breaking the Laws that they swore to uphold and enforce.

When enough of the habitants of counties realise the HUGE FRAUD and criminality of the corporate councils, how the corporate council criminals are deliberately and maliciously destroying lives and communities for their private profits, that the monies demanded are used for private pensions, huge expense accounts, massive 6-figure incomes of executives, paying off the interest on high-interest private debts to big banks, leading directly to the FRAUD of "austerity", then the rotten system will collapse and have to be re-created by the habitants and for the habitants!

Crooked Corporate Councils & their investments in the arms trade

Most councils and their corrupt pension funds are heavily invested in the arms trade. The same councils are receiving vast sums from illegal wars, illegal invasions, illegal arms dealing and other illegal activities.

3 in 5 UK councils invest in cluster bomb manufacturers

Local councils have over £300million invested in BAE

UK weapons companies have made £6bn from Saudi Arabia since it started bombing Yemen

Some councils have withdrawn their investments from the arms trade

ALL habitants of counties can demand to know what companies the local council and its pension fund(s) are invested in. ALL councils that have any part of their pension funds invested in the arms trade are breaking the Law at national and international levels, by definition! Payment of Council Tax to any corporate council that has any connection to the arms trade is obviously complicity in their crimes!

Council Tax questions by ex-councillor Yvonne Taylor

Many habitants of counties across England can be asking questions at council meetings. How much are 'Council Tax payers' funding the expenses of councillors, including paying their Council Tax demands several times over? How many other allowances and "gifts" are councillors being paid? Are you getting value for money? Is Council Tax funding the unlawful stealing of children by private-for-profit "Social Services" departments of councils? Why can the magistrate's courts unable to produce copies of any council-issued "Liability Order"? Why are councillors signing Non Disclosure Agreements about councils and their private corporate business activities?

ALL councils are breaking the Law, no exceptions! They are ALL corporations operating in Fraud, misappropriating Public Funds for private profits! ALL habitants of counties can and should be obeying and upholding the Law by demanding that councillors serve, not embezzle and steal!
No Taxation Without Representation!

Sunday, 31 December 2017

London's ROTTEN private-for-profit councils!

This is what the CRIMINALS & snobs in the corporate councils around London are doing to the homeless there:

The FILTH that administrate the private-for-profit councils are using Public Money to enforce their own grotty & selfish 'rules', which is Misappropriation of Public Funds and Misconduct in Public Office BY DEFINITION!
The only reason these corporate SCUM get away with their CRIMES is because the local inhabitants 'register to vote' (thereby making themselves liable to pay), 'vote' for the SCUM that embezzle Public Funds and commit blatant FRAUD, ignore the freely available information about corporate embezzlement of our precious public money, ignore the facts about the high interest private debts (to criminal banks) of the corporate councils, ignore the private courts and private bailiffs being used by the corporate councils to evict thousands from their homes, steal children from families that the government and the rotten councils have driven into poverty, fund endless corruption, fund large private pensions, fund embezzlement of Public money into reserve accounts, and go on & on paying Council Tax & Business Rates to pay for it all!

And London isn't the only place this corporate FILTH has infiltrated. Stoke-on-Trent has been CORRUPTED too!

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Fake council 'warrants' from fake 'courts'!

The warrants that are issued by the private-for-profit councils and their hired private-for-profit 'courts' are null & void because they are against the Law and make those involved as nothing more than Criminals!

ALL Council Tax matters are 'in the Civil' and NOT a matter for the police. The police do NOT have any right to enforce Council Tax in any way!

Norfolk County Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

Private-for-profit Conservative-led Norfolk County Council just voted to give themselves an 11% pay rise! Truly sickeningly, earlier in the day they had been voting for cuts to Children's Services!

What more do you need to know about these people? They are an insult to decency and to all the decent folk being told to live within their means.
By paying Council Tax and Business Rates to these CROOKS, the local inhabitants are being made complicit in MASSIVE FRAUD and the serious crimes of Misconduct in Public Office and Misappropriation of Public Funds both of which carry prison sentences!
Time for the inhabitants to STOP PAYING and STOP being complicit in corruption!