Saturday, 14 November 2015

Do i have to pay Council Tax? - NO!

Do i have to pay Council Tax? - NO!
Time to beat the ROTTEN, CORPORATE, FRAUDULENT, CRIMINAL councils, CRIMINAL corporate courts, CRIMINAL bailiffs and debt collection companies, CRIMINAL corporate police forcing entry on behalf of the FRAUDULENT claims, and beat them at their own game!

When enough people STOP PAYING Council Tax & Business Rates then the huge lumbering corporate SCAM will collapse!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Corporate council chiefs asset-stripping & robbing the Public

It's a fact! Large numbers of council CEOs and managers are walking away with VAST sums stolen from Public Funds. All of this sordid story is evidence of CRIME, yet the police, judiciary and government refuse to anything about it!

Whilst MILLIONS of pounds of Britain's Public Funds are syphoned-off for personal and private gain and Britain is subject to welfare cuts and other "austerity", there are THIEVES in councils, the NHS, the police, Social Services and government who are literally getting away with FRAUD & CRIME on a massive scale.
ANYONE paying the FRAUD of Council Tax or Business Rates to the CRIMINAL corporations is willingly or unwillingly complicit in their crimes!

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Council Tax funds wars and terrorism - time to take a stand!

The story of Chris Coverdale and his stand against the war and terrorism-supporting Council Tax:

The collection of Council Tax by private-for-profit corporations, to fund terrorism and illegal wars, without the approval of Parliament and against ratified International Law. is a CRIME BY DEFINITION!
Not only that, but the ENTIRE Council Tax SCAM is a PROVEN FRAUD because ALL councils have "unuseable reserves" of TENS OF MILLIONS OF POUNDS that they are hiding from their inhabitants, "reserves" that can easily prevent ANY cuts in Public Services and could reduce the need to collect local taxes at all!

A few questions for your local council

A few questions you may wish to ask your local council in relation to council tax:

1. What factually is a borough or a county?
2. Are there any witness with first hand personal knowledge, that I am a taxpayer and have an obligation to pay council tax….? Please answer yes or no
3. Is there any admissible evidence that I am a taxpayer and have an obligation to pay council tax….? Please answer yes or no
4. Are the opinions that I am a taxpayer and have an obligation to pay council tax irrefutable? Please answer yes or no.
5. Does such an obligation should it factually exist, require my voluntary cooperation? Please answer yes or no.
6. Can you provide me with evidence that the Local Government Finance Act applies to me? Please answer yes or no.
7. Can you provide me with a factual time to show how, why, where and when the alleged obligation was created. Please answer yes or no.
8. On the occasions when the council take people to court over failing to pay council tax, do you present valid cause of action to any competent court of law that has jurisdiction? Please answer yes or no.
9. Is there ever any legally admissible evidence to prove such an alleged obligation? Please answer yes or no.
10. Is the complaint in the nature of a contract? Please answer yes or no.
11. Is the complaint in the nature of a tort? Please answer yes or no.
12. Would the alleged complaint/claim be factually consistent with the Human Right Act 1998? Please answer yes or no.
13. When making a complaint for non-payment of council tax, does the authorised officer make a legal determination that everyone has the obligation or has a liability to pay council tax? Please answer yes or no.
14. Are the agents that make the determination that everyone is liable to pay council tax, qualified to make legal determinations? Please answer yes or no.
15. Does the council have the permission of the Attorney General to prosecute for non payment of council tax? Please answer yes or no.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Council 'Social Services' are directly involved in CHILD ABUSE!

Regardless of political affiliation, councils around the country are run by private-for-profit corporations. The 'contracts' to run the councils were agreed by members of ALL political parties!
One group of private companies in local councils are known as 'Social Services'. They have been stealing children for their private profits, working together with the secret Family Courts and Police, to access the private accounts created by the Registration of Live Birth of children by their parents. Every year 20,000 children go missing in Britain. Every year over a thousand young children go missing from council-run care homes. MOST of these children are NEVER seen again. They disappear because they are murdered and buried in unmarked graves or bodies destroyed. They are murdered because they are witnesses to the paedophile rings being run by politicians, judges, lawyers Social Services members, police, priests, by Masonic groups, by international groups, etc.
ALL councils have been involved in this abuse and fraud for decades. Not all council staff are involved, but many are involved in covering-up the abuse and protecting the paedophiles.
Enough is enough!

It is time to STOP PAYING Council Tax to the CRIMINAL & FRAUDULENT councils, and demand that they do their jobs and Serve The Public!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Is YOUR council investing in ILLEGAL munitions?

Wesley Ahmed:
"ASK YOUR COUNCIL THIS "APPLICATION FOR DISCOUNT UNDER SECTION 13a LOCAL GOVERNMENT FINANCE ACT 1992" and all you ask if you end up in court is that the council can assure you that the monies going to the council does not go on funding terrorism
thats what you call a legal cluster bomb going off inside your council
they use paper and pen terrorism to collect your money
they use your money to fund terrorism
they are hiding Trillions of your money in reserved bank accounts ask your council how much do they have in reserves
they pay £3 for a summons and charge you between £75.00 to £100 pound which is another money making racket and another license for them the council to print more money
if you dont believe me watch this
your government is the council who fund terrorism on a daily basis
you are more likely to be killed by your own government and corporate entity's than you are a terrorist shite they spewout in their propaganda bullshit
Tie them up in their own bullshit"

It is time to STOP PAYING Council Tax to the FRAUDULENT & CRIMINAL corporate councils!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Wigan MBC - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

Is it "Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council" or "Wigan Council"? Which is it?
Which one has the crest and 'official status' and which one is a PRIVATE-FOR-PROFIT company trading FRAUDULENTLY and Misappropriating Public Funds?
Which employees of Wigan MBC/Wigan Council are involved and committing the serious CRIMINAL offence of Misconduct/Malfeasance in Public Office and should all be prosecuted and imprisoned after their assets (proceeds of crime) are confiscated?
Do Wigan Social Services know about the Wigan 'council' CRIMINALS involved, and, if so, will they want to step-in and take their children into care to prevent any possible future harm that might arise from the investigations and prosecutions?

Wigan inhabitants may wish to withhold their Council Tax payments until this CRIMINAL matter is properly investigated!