Saturday, 14 March 2020

Paying is ALSO illegal!

"paying is ALSO illegal"
There you have it folks! If you pay Council Tax you are a criminal supporting other dangerous criminals who have been stealing from the Public Purse for decades!

Council Tax is a Crime!

The corporate councils have absolutely no 'authority' to impose any taxes. They are private registered companies trading for profit and illegally allowing other private administrative corporations to literally steal Public Funds for their own profits. The volume of theft from the Public is in billions of pounds per year while the fraudulent councils impose the fraud of "austerity" upon local inhabitants that pay them. Every CEO of every council is responsible for this massive fraud, as are all of their subordinates.
When enough of the inhabitants of every council area realise the degree to which they have been conned and for how long the fraud has been perpetrated, they will want to stop paying the criminal corporate councils!

Monday, 2 September 2019

Bedroom Tax - the corruption of courts & councils

"But three judges at the Court of Appeal agreed to quash the Upper Tribunal decision, concluding that for the purposes of the RSRS, the term ‘bedroom’ applies to any room capable of being used as a bedroom by either a couple, an adult, a child, two children of the same sex or aged under 10.
They said the term ‘bedroom’ should not apply to the needs of a particular benefit claimant and so Ms Hockley’s family is only entitled to a two-bedroom home – despite accepting that the bedrooms in this case “are small”."
Who do the courts work for? For justice or for the corporate councils and corrupt government? In this case they have set precedent that the rest of the courts will follow. The corrupt government & councils make up 'rules' that enable themselves to be paid vast sums, receive large expense accounts and 6 figure incomes, have copper-bottomed pensions, borrow privately and force local inhabitants to pay the debts, but meanwhile impose "austerity" on the people they are sworn to serve. They are criminals and Britain is a deeply corrupted country. When enough inhabitants realise how they have been conned and are being conned every day, they will want to stop paying any more Council Tax!

Thursday, 15 August 2019

A catalogue of corporate council criminality

This page catalogues the criminality of the corporate councils as they attempt to extort money from local inhabitants. They use the private and corporate courts and police to enforce illegal liability orders and illegal warrants that they themselves create and issue. No such documents can be found in the courts because the courts did not issue them.

When enough inhabitants of council areas learn the truth and realise the criminal scam that is being perpetrated against them by corporate criminals, they will want to stop paying any further Council Tax to the criminals involved.

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Councils have over £22 billion in reserves

Followers of this blog will be no strangers to the news that the corporate councils have billions in their 'reserve' accounts and then billions more in "Unusable Reserves", plus many councils have private high interest debts with private banks, while they force local people to pay the interest on the debts and force locals to suffer the obvious fraud of "austerity", and while the councils take 30% for their private pensions, vast amounts for 6 figure executive pay, and their massive expense accounts!

Most inhabitants of the corporate council areas will probably want to stop paying any Council Tax to the liars and criminals in the corporate councils!

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Inspirational ideas for dealing with councils

Since 1997 I have never paid a penny to the local company/Council in respect of Council Tax as there is no Law that requires good men and woman to do so. Sure there is the 1992 ‘Local Government Finance Act’, but like all Acts this requires my informed-consent. Moreover, the aforementioned Act has no ‘proclamation date’ meaning it is fully invalid.
For the only reason I had to take on the local mafia is because I moved house and somehow they got hold of my names.
The local mafia sent MR BROOKS documentation that was incorrectly addressed as the name and address was behind a see-through windowed-envelope, meaning the envelope its self was not correctly addressed, therefore not lawfully served. I sent three of these articles back marked:
The local mafia then passed the alleged debt and fake warrant onto the debt enforcement agents. I contacted these cowboys by telephone and it was agreed that they would pass the alleged debt back to the council as it was over 6 years old therefore ‘Statute Barred’. I was careful not to give these crooks ‘joinder’ so when asked such questions as: what is your name? My reply was the name is, I was born on, and the postal address is.....
I give them just enough to pass DPA (Data Protection Act).
For the next stage I sent the Councils Corporate Complaints dept. A subject access request which they duly ignored. I then escalated the DSAR through the commissioner’s office who got me a reply of sorts from the council; however the council claimed an exemption saying it was not in the public’s interest to answer in full my questions.
The council then sent MR. BROOKS some: Glossed, [Boxed] Italicized, Double-Spaced and Underlined documents claiming that they were going to take deductions from MR. BROOKS's wages or benefits in relation to the alleged debt.
I asked them for a copy of the court warrant and all I got was a court list with over 250 cases on it, which was signed off by an unknown entity. Moreover, this list was from well over six years ago, meaning the alleged debt is barred, however the council believe they are exempt from the Statute Limitations Act, they are not!
Anyway I was told I could attend the Fines Court at the all-caps ‘DUDLEY COURT HOUSE’ to appeal it so I did, I took along the Perjury Act, Fraud Act and Local Government Finance Act: I also took the Black’s Law Dictionary and both the Oxford and Chicago styles manuals. I was ushered into a room, not a court, and some man in a suit was stood on a wooden box, I guess legally this lifts him out the room! Anyway, I handed him copies of all my previous correspondence and just left the Perjury and Fraud Act on the stand in full view. He looked like he was going to pass out!
Long story short after some-time he withdrew the alleged warrants and then said if I wanted to confirm that the address was a private dwelling, not a commercial property then I should pop along to the council.
I arrived at the Council and was met by their legal adviser who was clearly expecting me, I ran through the DSAR with her and both the Perjury and Fraud Act; she couldn’t get out the room quick enough. Anyway she concurred that my home was private and agreed to update the councils records. She then applied a zero-rate-exemption onto the address. This will be confirmed in writing this week. As for my names, she agreed to remove the Mr. and only address me by my given-name; she also agreed to remove the commercial postcode. Furthermore, she booked me in with Births, Deaths and Marriages to discuss the Birth Certificate and clarify what my name is lawfully 
As soon as I receive documents from the council showing the-exemption and zero balance I will upload them below this post.
Here’s a copy of the DSAR:
:Ryan: of the house Brooks.
C/O **********
Sarah Norman
Council House
Priory Road
For the claimant is writing to make a request for access to data pursuant to the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulations. Please note that ‘Notice of Conditional Acceptance’ that was hand served to your legal department on the :07~02~19: still stands, and thus far remains unrebutted and unanswered. For the claimant wishes to make clear that he is not refusing to pay any lawful debt that he may owe, such as Council Tax, however the claimant does require that the following concerns and questions be answered in full.
Please provide the claimant with the following information:
1. Who or what is Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council?
2. For what purpose and reason have Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council been accessing,
processing, storing and holding our data?
3. Please provide us with irrefutable evidence of proof of our explicit consent for Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council to access, process, store, hold and share our data.
4. In what Fiduciary capacity has Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council accessed, processed, stored, held and shared our data?
5. Provide us with a detailed list of;
a. Who has our data been shared with.
b. For what purpose, and the reason it has been shared.
c. In what fiduciary capacity was that person/s (company or individual) acting?
6. Please provide hard copies of all data that you have accessed, processed, stored, held and shared.
7. In addition, please note that Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council is required by law to provide irrefutable evidence of proof of claim/debt. What capacity Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council has to make a legal claim on that debt in the form of an appropriate executed Notice or Deed of Assignment and acceptance compliant with section 136 Law of Property Act 1925.
8. Provide irrefutable evidence of proof that our address: *********Stourbridge has been a non-domestic dwelling from the years 2001 – 2019
9. Please provide the name of the dictionary that Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council use to define the meanings of the following words: Person, Occupier, Resident, Order, You, Must, Human, Bill, Statement, and Account.
10. Please provide us with the name of the Styles Manual that is used by Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council to format its documents.
11. Please clarify, why are some words on Dudley Metropolitan Borough Councils documentation are written/signed in ALL CAPITAL TEXT, is this word art, dog Latin, America sign language or Capitis Diminutio Maxima ? Moreover, is this ALL CAPITALIUSED TEXT a GLOSSA as defined by the Black’s law Dictionary: Glossa viperina est quae corrodit viscera textus. In English: It is a poisonous gloss which corrupts the essence of the text.
12. Why are boxes placed around certain text, do the boxes break the continuation of the facts, jurisdiction? Moreover, does the [boxed off] text remove it text from the page?
13. Please also provide a copy of all Dudley Metropolitan Borough Councils financial accounts, showing how much money comes in and from where, how much goes out and where it goes; please give a full breakdown and report showing the percentage of funds that go to West Midlands Police in particular. Moreover, I require sight of the accounts for all trading names and derivatives of Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council.
14. Please clarify who owns the companies listed on the attached pages which are numbed 3.
15. Who grants the permission, power and authorization for these companies to make demands upon good men and woman?
16. Please clarify what law is being used to make demands for ‘council tax’. If it is the Local Government Finance Act please provide us with evidence that our home is a commercial property and not a domestic dwelling. Moreover, as this is only an Act and not law, please provide details of our consent along and a copy of the proclamation for this Act. Furthermore, please provide us with your company’s definition of a ‘person’ as the above Act is only aimed at ‘persons’ not people I.E. living men and woman.
17. Why does DMBC hire a room in the building trading as DUDLEY COURT HOUSE and print off what looks very much like a summons?
18. Why is the name of the Justice of Peace on these articles a retired solicitor that no longer has any kind of licence to practice?
19. Why does DUDLEY COURT HOUSE have no recorded or copy of any of these so called warrants? (I have attached a copy of both the the Perjury and Fraud Act I strongly suggest that one’ reads both.)
We require Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council to be aware at the outset that we expect a reply to our request within one month of the date of this letter, as required under Article 12, failing to do so will result in us forwarding our enquiry along with a letter of complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).
It may be helpful for you to know that data protection law requires you to respond to a request for data within one calendar month. If you need any more data from me, or a fee, please let me know as soon as possible.
We advise Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council to take this request with the utmost of seriousness. If the ICO find that our data is/has been concealed or willfully refused it is a criminal offence and will be reported to Action Fraud.
If you do not normally deal with these requests, please pass this letter to your Data Protection Officer, or relevant staff member. If you need advice on dealing with this request, the Information Commissioner’s Office can assist you. Its website or it can be contacted on 0303 123 1113.
For the claimant hereby gives Sarah Norman fourteen (14) days to reply to this notice from the above date with a notice sent using recorded post and signed under full commercial liability and penalties of perjury, assuring and promising the claimant that all of the replies and details given to the above requests are true and without deception, fraud or mischief.
Please Note: the claimant wishes to deal with this matter in writing and the claimant does not give your organization or any of its agents the permission to make contact by telephone or face-to-face. Should you or any of your agents do so, I must warn you that the contact or calls could constitute ‘harassment' and I may take action using the Harassment Act 1997.
Sarah Norman we look forward to your response
Yours sincerely by :Ryan: of the house Brooks.
:CLAIM-OF-A-LIVE-LIFE: attached.
Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal – Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent
No assured value, No liability. Errors & Omissions Excepted. All Rights Reserved.
Without recourse, non-assumpsit, and without prejudice.
PS - Would the Chief Executive Sarah Norman
of DMBC or any derivative of please clarify, and or rebut the following:
Maxims of Law -Volenti non fit injuria. There is no injury to one who consents.
Ignorance of the Law does not excuse misconduct in anyone, least of all a sworn officer of the law.
• A general appearance cures antecedent irregularity of process, a defective service, etc.
• Certain legal consequences are attached to the voluntary act of a person.
• The presence of the body cures the error in the name; the truth of the name cures an error in the description
• An error in the name is immaterial if the body is certain.
• An error in the name is nothing when there is certainty as to the person.
• The truth of the demonstration removes the error of the name.
• A fiction is a rule of law that assumes something which is or may be false as true.
• Where truth is, fiction of law does not exist.
• There is no fiction without law.
• Fictions arise from the law, and not law from fictions
• Fiction is against the truth, but it is to have truth.
• In a fiction of law, equity always subsists.
• A fiction of law injures no one.
• Fiction of law is wrongful if it works loss or injury to anyone.
• For the Appellations used by your company - Mr, Ms, Mrs or Miss are military titles Refer (Style manual) is thee claiming that i the man is in the military?
• Use of Surname (Byname)
Name, title or epithet added to a person's name.
For the use of the surname is a convention rather than a legal necessity, and the
Surname is never formally bestowed on a person but acquired by reputation.
At common law an adult may assume any surname by using such name, and
becoming known by it. A surname is not a matter of law but a matter of repute
• Surname / Family Name is Crown copyrighted
Is it illegal to use the 'Crown © legal name'?
• Family Name - by its own definition is incorrect unless i choose to be
your franchised and/or bonded slave/servant.
By requesting the “Family Name” are you enticing me to be your slave/servant?
Use of Surname (Byname) Nomen / Cognomen
The use of surnames appears to be more a response to needs of state and church administration (the exchequer, legal transactions, tenants' rolls) than for purposes of self-identification.
The use of a surname is a convention rather than a legal necessity, and the surname is never formally bestowed on a person but acquired by reputation. In the most recent
• Family Name
family (noun) early 15c., "servants of a household," from Latin familia "family servants, domestics collectively, the servants in a household," thus also "members of a household, the estate, property; the household, including relatives and servants," abstract noun formed from famulus "servant, slave," which is of unknown origin.
The Latin word rarely appears in the sense "parents with their children," for which domus
(see domestic (adj.)) was used. Derivatives of famulus include famula "serving woman,
maid," famulanter "in the manner of a servant," famulitas" servitude," familiaris "of one's household, private," familiaricus "of household slaves," familiaritas "close friendship."
Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1968, Page 727.
• Gender - Male/Female. Are we cattle or farmyard animals? Would not Man/Woman, or Boy/Girl be more fitting?
• People – Man/Woman, Persons – Artificial/Natural & Private.
For the Vatican created the “Person”, it is not the living man, it is the rank in society, a military account holder. By consenting to hold any form of account, thee has agreed to act as the person and thus be deceived to serve the false GOD, and pay the accounts of Rome. For i the man, neither consent nor agree. For the ‘legal person’ is also the “vessel” in which the State has a security interest, via the Birth Bond. Upon reaching the full legal age, we become the Master, (Mr/Mrs/Ms) of that “vessel” that has “gone to sea”, and under the Admiralty Maritime jurisdiction, which is the “Law of the Sea” and the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 (chapter 11 18 and 19 Cha 2) ‘persons’ are considered ‘lost at sea’ and can be salvaged. For i the man am not lost at sea, and i do not consent to being salvaged under any law and or jurisdiction.
• Person = Debtor = Trustee = Payer = Under Admiralty/Martial Law (Vatican)
• Surname capitalised = Ledger Account Holder (inc. address or part thereof in caps.)
• Man/Woman = Creditor = Beneficiary = Receives Benefits = Under Common Law/
Constitution. (Un)der the God, the Man has the dominion over the whole Earth and the contents.
Question – Is this a ploy by you and/or your corporation to trick thee into being a Vatican
account holder (person) and thereby losing our God-given creditor-status?
• Date-of-Birth/Berth ( D.O.B.)
For the ‘Date Born’ and the ‘Date-of-Birth’ seem to be different events. The Date Born – requires no further explanation, and the date-of-birth for the surname is the date born. Moreoverthe Date-of-Birth for the 'Court Christian' (uses Given name/s only) and is the date when the birth was registered. - Refer Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1968, Page 472 under DATE.
• Postal Address - Delivery of the Postal Articles to the Street address and/or the Post Office Box is also deemed Military.
Residential Address - “Persons” have “Residency” with the State. For i the man “Sojourn”.
• Postcodes are Military Divisions also used to discriminate for insurance purposes
school funding, home loans etc., and to determine Centre Of Main Interest.
• Four Corners Rule
Anything inside a box or square brackets creates an implied "inner box"
that is separated from the "outer box” grammatically and thus legally isolates the contents
of the "inner box," - rendering what is in the “inner box” as mere reference or
comment, but non-substantial to the outlying text of the contract in the “outer box”.
• Four Corners Rule
The Use of Brackets and the Four Corners Rule - Featured Content
FOUR-CORNERS RULE. 1. The principle that a document's meaning is to be gathered from the entire document and not from its isolated parts. ... 2. The principle that no extraneous evidence should be used to interpret an unambiguous document.
Black's Law Dict. 8th Edition, Page 1941.
For the use of brackets on certain information on a form combines a grammar device with legal theory to legally isolate whatever is in the brackets from (thus, render it legally inapplicable and insubstantial to) the body of text within the surrounding contract.
Four Corners Rule (cont.
For the legal theory of this comes from the Four Corners Rule in law: Under "four corners rule", intention of parties, especially that of grantor, is to be gathered from instrument as a whole and not from isolated parts thereof. Davis v. Andrews, Tex.Civ.App., 361 S.W.2d 419,423. (Black's Law Dictionary, 5th ed. p. 591)
• DOG-LATIN. The Latin of illiterate persons; Latin words put together on the English
grammatical system. Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1968, Page 569.
and/or -
• GLOSSA VIPERINA EST QUIE CORRODIT VISCERA TEXTUS. 11 Coke, 34. It is A poisonous gloss which corrupts the essence of the text.
and/or - Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1968, Page 820.
• CAPITIS DIMINUTIO MAXIMA. The highest or most comprehensive loss of status.
This occurred when a man's condition was changed from one of freedom to one of bondage,
when he became a slave. It swept away with it all rights of citizenship and all family rights.
and/or - Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition, 1968, Page 264.
• Personation in general
Any person who, with intent to defraud any person, falsely represents himself or herself to be some other person, living or dead, real or fictitious, is guilty of an offence which, unless otherwise stated, is a misdemeanour, and the person is liable to imprisonment for 3 years
• People – Man/Woman, Persons, - Artificial, Natural & Private.
There is a common misinterpretation by people in general as to the difference between a
man/woman, a person, an artificial person, a natural person, and a natural & private-person.
"JOHN HENRY DOE" is a corporate artificial person, a citizen, and a 'legal entity' created by the government as an agent/employee to collect revenue for the federal, state, and local governments and whose future earnings are pledged to these ruling corporation/s by tacit hypothecation.
An “entity” can also be called a “natural person” Refer Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Edition 1968, ARTIFICIAL
• PERSONS - Page 145, CORPORATION – Page 409, INDIVIDUAL- Page 913, PERSON – Page 1299,
The (State owned) full name "John Henry Doe" is a 'citizen', a 'resident', a 'natural person', a 'trustee' and 'usufruct', consenting to accept and cover all debts of the State administrator by the use of 'their' surname. As a 'slave' J.H.D. consents to enter private international contracts and forgo all rights to natural justice (Common Law and Human Rights). Date Born used as D.O.B Birth.
A representative in unlimited capacity as a driver, tax-payer, rate-payer, etc. (jobs ending in er/or). The (Court Christian) Given name "John Henry", in basic English grammar, is a name styled in title (upper and lower) case and is indicative of a living, breathing, flesh and blood man, created by God and able to exercise all his God given inalienable rights and is the only correct true full name to use. It is not our property. It is a creation of government, subject to security and is copyright
To make any mark, as upon a document, in token of knowledge, approval, acceptance, or obligation.
• SIGNATURE. ... ... A "signature" may be written by hand, printed, stamped, typewritten, engraved, photographed, or cut from one instrument and attached to another, and a signature lithographed on an instrument by a party is sufficient for the purpose of signing it; it being immaterial with what kind of instrument a signature is made.
And whatever mark, symbol, or device one may choose to employ as representative of himself is sufficient.
Black's Law dictionary, 4th Edition, 1968, Page 1553.
• AUTOGRAPH. One's handwriting.
Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1968, Page 169.
• ALLOGRAPH. A writing or signature made for
a person by another; opposed to autograph.
Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1968, Page 100.
• Underlined, Underscored, Italics, and Bold.
Underlined, underscored - has the same grammatical effect as Italics and/or bold.
Refer (Government) Style manual- For authors, editors and Printers.
• Italics means removed from the page, or text that belongs in the margin, or from
another place. It has no jurisdiction with the original content – rendering separation.
(Italics seem to be the 'language' of the Vatican.)
• Bold – Highlighted, up off the page, thus it is not on the page - rendering separation.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

A legal precedent set - CT applies to commercial 'dwellings'

The corporate fraud of Council Tax has been exposed by several court cases over the years. The corporate councils hire the "Bulk Courts" for a day and then use non-legally qualified council personnel to rubber-stamp frauduelent 'judgments' and 'liability orders, which lead to involving the police and turning what was a "Civil matter" in a criminal one. But the reality is that hiring the "Bulk Courts", having no actual hearings with a judge present, issuing fake 'liability orders' and 'warrants', hiring bailiffs to enforce the fake 'orders', is all serious fraud and therefore a criminal matter.

Anyone can challenge their local corporate council in similar ways. When enough of the habitants of Ipswich and all other areas realise the extent of the corporate fraud of Council Tax they will want to stop paying and pursue the criminal council staff for their complicity in the fraud!