Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Corporate councils and their private bailiffs

Corporate councils and the corporate courts are working together to create FRAUDULENT 'liability orders' and 'warrants' and 'summonses' to grant fake 'powers' to private bailiffs to steal, lie and cheat, unlawfully breaking into houses and taking private property. These 'Bulk Courts' and the private registered company 'Ministry of Justice' have no lawful authority so have to use harassment, intimidation and violence as methods of taking property!

These private-for-profit companies are conspiring to defraud and steal from local people. Why? Because they are leeches upon society, producing nothing of value and embezzling billions in Public Funds for their debt interest, substantial expenses, private pensions, corporate promotions, etc whilst providing inadequate 'Public Services' and cutting back on 'Public Spending'!
Time to STOP PAYING the unlawful and fraudulent 'Council Tax'!

Teesside councils - MORE 'rotten boroughs'

"All three Teesside local authorities have already issued more magistrates court summons this financial year than they did for the whole of last year.
But a poverty charity has blasted the councils for using “bully boy tactics” and being too quick to take legal action and “send round the bailiffs”."

As the private-for-profit corporate-run councils implement the unlawful policies of the corporate ConDemAll illegal 'coalition' government, they are guilty of 'deliberate harm' to hundreds of thousands and millions of people. Causing harm to others is a CRIMINAL offence at Common Law.
NOW is the time to STOP PAYING the unlawful councils for their corporate profits and corporate SCAM!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Public Funds used by councils for bribery and corruption

As reported before, millions of pounds of Public Funds have been spent gagging public officials!

This SCANDAL will not go away! CRIMINAL corporate councils have been using Public Funds ILLEGALLY and for BRIBERY whilst denying basic services and essential 'benefits' to hundreds of thousands of people!
Time to STOP paying 'Council Tax'!