Friday, 31 May 2013

Council Tax - potential administrative process...

"I am not against paying for services that we all need such as Police, Fire Service, Refuse Collection etc. What I am dead against is being forced to pay the pension contributions of public servants and council workers. It has been disclosed that in some councils as much as 50% of what is paid in council tax is used to pay the pensions contributions of civil servants."

Some good ideas! Please also refer to previous posts with administrative ideas, and perhaps combine them?

Corporate councils help people?

Apparently, there are some councils, or at least some people in those councils, who have sufficient integrity NOT to impose the UNLAWFUL 'Bedroom Tax'!

What the corporate councils want is for those people who might withdraw payment (ie end the yearly contract to pay) altogether to keep paying and remain under contract with the same councils. After all, the councils, still need to fund their dodgy 'investments', copper-bottomed pensions, executive expenses and pay rises, Common Purpose courses, and extra staff needed to deal with the thousands of complaints and disputes!
So a number of councils will attempt to placate the local people and retain the 'agreements to pay', while others will carry-on heavy-handed, and see which works best!

Council Tax - another way to say "No"!

Revealing the desperation of councils now that so many people are refusing to pay for FRAUD!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bedroom Tax forcing people to be homeless?

100,000 people being forced out of their homes because the the 'Bedroom Tax'?
When Council Tax results in forcing people out of their homes, then Council Tax is a CRIME!

And the new Crime and Policing Bill will make homelessness and crime?

Are the corporate government and corporate councils utterly MAD??

Time to STOP PAYING corporate CRIMINALS!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Eviction for gran because of 'Bedroom Tax'?

When the corporate UK plc government and its rotten and fraudulent polices result in the theft of property then it is time to STOP paying ANY taxes whatsoever!

It is the continued support of the rottten and corrupt system that is perpetuating it! Time to withdraw support at every possible level! Enough is enough!

Friday, 24 May 2013

No summons court hearing required for Council Tax?

More examples of SERIOUS FRAUD being committed by the courts AND councils!

"How can a Justices' Clerk be operating in a judicial capacity (in place of a magistrate) when he is not even sitting in a court at the time of authorisation - he could just as well be on the golf course.

Is this the real reason they do not bear a court seal because they are not authorised by the court?"

HMCTS are part of the private-for-profit Ministry of Justice a registered corporation on Dun & Bradstreet.

Private Bailiffs profiting from Public Funds

Charity Warns of 'Bailiff Boom'

...Almost nine in 10 bailiff problems the charity deals with relate to private bailiffs, who collect debts such as council tax and parking penalties...

"Bailiffs will see their profits rise at the expense of hard-pressed households.
"We're concerned that changes to council tax benefit will mean more people will end up in debt because they can't pay their bill and have the bailiff knocking at the door.
"The number of people worried about council tax is up 87pc since the changes came in, and this will climb even higher as more people find it difficult to cope with the costs.
"Bailiffs often overstate their powers, deliberately frighten debtors and charge extortionate fees."

Westminster Council fraud revealed...

Another corrupt council failing to be the 'public servants' that they receive Public Funds to be!

Westminster council clearly have various private priorities and are NOT working for the benefit of the Beneficaries of the Public Trust!
Whilst they commit massive FRAUD with expenses scandals abounding, they help make people homeless and then fine them for being so!

Misuse of Public Office and Misappropriation of Public Funds are serious CRIMINAL offences that can lead to imprisonment! When 'public servants' (Trustees of the Public Trust) fail to do their jobs they should be reminded of what their job remit is and made to accept personal liability for any failure to uphold and serve the Public Trust and its Beneficaries!

Council wants to evict a blind woman for Bedroom Tax?

Councils are destroying lives because of their FRAUDULENT Council Tax!

Councillors and council staff can be held PERSONALLY liable for the FRAUD being perpetrated by the private-for-profit councils and their FRAUDULENT polices.
When enough people learn proper administrative processes and issue invoices for their time and expenses, addressing their notices and affidavits to NAMED council staff, the same council staff and their executives can be held personally liable for FRAUD and MISUSE OF PUBLIC OFFICE!

Fake summonses issued by council!

FAKE summonses for FAKE 'debt'!

Just another example of the FAKE and FRAUDULENT system that attempts to contract with local people using FAKE accounts and FAKE liability, to pay private-for-profit corporations with Public Funds (a serious CRIMINAL offence!).
When people know that less than 30% of Council Tax goes to local service provision while the rest is used for private profit, expenses, private pensions (30-50% of all CT!), 'investments' and other corruption, then they will want to STOP PAYING FRAUDULENT (corporate) COUNCILS!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Council Tax advisors and a councillor refuse to answer questions about corporate council FRAUD!

As this secretly recorded video shows, councils are private-for-profit registered corporations collecting revenue for their own profits and the profits of other private-for-profit corporations/companies such as the Police!
When asked about these SERIOUS CRIMINAL OFFENCES, Council Tax advisors, legal staff and a councillor claim not to know the law, avoid answering questions and admit to advising compliance with this FRAUD in all cases!

As the documents and laws found clearly demonstrate, there is NO law that compels anyone to pay Council Tax. Council Tax is a yearly agreement subject to Contract Law, requiring wet signatures of both parties and full disclosure at the point of signing. Therefore Council Tax is a VOLUNTARY contribution! Without consent there is NO Lawful obligation to pay!

Taking Public Funds for private profit is FRAUD and therefore CRIMINAL!
It is time to expose this corporate council CRIMINAL activity and STOP PAYING COUNCIL TAX!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Council Tax fraud exposed after council lose court case

"LBWF committed fraud, perjury and were in contempt of court and have vexatiously issued a fraudulent claim against myself. LBWF lost a court case and were denied costs against myself at Thames County Court on 1st Feb. The judge also ruled that a counterclaim by myself could be heard in The County Court."

Most, if not all, councils are acting in fraud. This means that those involved can be charged with Misconduct in Public Office and held personally liable for fraud, and counterclaims can be issued!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Council Tax is paying for CORRUPTION!

More reasons NOT to pay Council Tax!

As it is well-established that councils are illegally issuing their own summonses, that those issuing the summonses have no legal qualifications, that the 'Bulk Courts' are totally fraudulent, that 'secret courts' are illegal under existing legislation and any fines imposed without conviction by a jury of ones peers are void under existing law! The private-for-profit administration of the Ministry of Justice (registered as a private company), using public funds to deprive the people their unalienable rights, is obvious fraud and criminal under Britain's Common and Constitutional Law!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Government Minister's PROVEN FRAUD!

With corporate hypocrites, liars, cheats, thieves and fraudsters in positions of public office, both at local and national levels, there appears to be a rather bad example being set!

When 'cabinet ministers' are defrauding public funds why should anyone else pay a penny?

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Tax-payers Against Poverty

Even the clergy are refusing to pay the FRAUDULENT Council Tax!

There are more people of conscience who are taking a stand against CORPORATE FRAUD and holding the 'public servants' (Trustees of the Public Trust) to account for the MASSIVE FRAUD being perpetrated against the Beneficiaries of the Public Trust!