Saturday, 31 May 2014

"Certain benefit to be inalienable" - Social Security Administration Act 1992

Some clarity on the benefits that are "Inalienable" and therefore cannot be considered against any alleged liability to ANY private-for-profit corporation that FRAUDULENTLY administers Public Funds for its own profits:

And those definitions/interpretations as mentioned:

There have been MANY cases where benefits have been considered inappropriately and Public Trust Beneficiaries have lost out! Yet more example of councils enforcing corporate rules that cause 'harm and loss', are AGAINST the Law of the Land and are therefore CRIMINAL!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Leicester City Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

Corporate LIARS Leicester City Council are using the private-for-profit courts to UNLAWFULLY & ILLEGALLY penalise inhabitants for not paying the FRAUDULENT and therefore CRIMINAL 'Council Tax'!
"The council says the large number of cases are being brought on one day because of the limited availability of court time and because, at the start of the financial year it tries to recover overdue council tax from the previous 12 months.
Officials will be seeking liability orders from the courts, which are demands to settle the unpaid sums as well as court costs of £70.
They do not anticipate all 3,500 people will attend the court on Thursday as some might have responded to letters requesting payment.
Last July, more than 2,000 summonses were issued on one day, leaving hundreds of people queuing round the block to get into the court in Pocklington's Walk.
There was widespread confusion and anxiety at the time and, this year, councillors have been sent an e-mail warning them to expect a high volume of inquiries from concerned constituents ahead of their hearings.
A council spokesman urged people to try to resolve the matter before Thursday's hearing."

ALL Leicester inhabitants need to browse and study the previous articles on this site, and learn that when they ALL attend court the council's SCAM will be sabotaged! Tthey need to know NOT to be deterred by the FAKE 'court staff' that are non-legally qualified council personnel committing FRAUD! They need to know about the FRAUDULENT 'liability orders' that the corporate councils charge for. They need to know about the legislation regarding Council Tax which PROVES that non-domestic "dwellings" (hereditaments) are liable but NOT domestic property (as defined in the Local Government Finance Act 1992). They need to know that ANY dispute puts the whole matter ON HOLD! They need to know that ONLY the legal fiction, the ALL CAPS NAME is liable and yet is a FICTION, a CORPORATION, a DEAD ENTITY, and is therefore bankrupt and requires the human being to assume liability for the 'debt'. They need to know that MOST 'council tax' is PROVEN FRAUD which is NOT spent on local services at all!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Shropshire County Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'

"No tax can be collected on worthless property.  SCC is no longer a Council working for the people of Shropshire, but a sold-out agent of the Chinese Government"

How many other corporate councils have SOLD OUT to foreign corporations for short term profits at the expense of the county's inhabitants?

Council 'courts' are a FRAUD - admission by Clerks

April 2011, the Justice’s Clerks Society - ‘Procedure in Liability Order Applications'
“The Councils software generates the liability orders. These may be rubber-stamped or pre-printed with the justices clerks signature. There is no requirement for a wet-ink signature”
“The court and its staff should not give the impression that the council is in charge of the process”

The corporate councils are operating FRAUDULENT courts with non-legally qualified personnel issuing 'liability orders' and even 'warrants', and they know it and even admit it!
Time for ALL inhabitants of counties to STOP PAYING Council Tax to the FRAUDULENT and therefore CRIMINAL corporate councils!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Masonic judges and magistrates = FRAUD

Anyone dealing with the private-for-profit courts needs to know about the extensive CORRUPTION of the courts, the private-for-profit 'Ministry of Justice', and the Masonic and CORRUPT judges and magistrates!

"More than 200 judges and over 1,000 magistrates in UK owned up to being freemasons"

The 'Bulk courts' are a SCAM FOR PRIVATE PROFIT, operated by non-legally qualified council personnel. ANYONE who receives a 'summons' (invitation to contract and attend a place of private business) needs to know the FACTS!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

A conviction quashed shows the corruption of the system

"His conviction was quashed in 2009 by a High Court judge who said he had been jailed “unlawfully” because magistrates “failed to properly investigate the applicant’s means”."

Many more are avoiding jail by learning that corporate councils are FRAUDULENT and CRIMINAL, operating illegal 'courts' where non-legally qualified personnel are issuing 'liability orders' and 'warrants' (both serious CRIMINAL offences by definition in law!), solely operating to create revenue for bankrupt administrative corporations that have taken over the government of England (aka UK).

Monday, 12 May 2014

Plymouth council operating illegal courts

"MORE than 18,000 people were summoned to court in the space of nine months last year for failing to pay their council tax – a rise of more than 60 per cent on the entire previous year."

As with ALL councils, Plymouth council is operating FRAUDULENT courts and issuing ILLEGAL & UNLAWFUL 'liability orders' and 'warrants'. Those members of Plymouth council who are involved in this serious CRIMINAL activity, will ultimately be brought to account for their CRIMES and have to face the true justice system (when it actually serves and protects the people!), leading to prosecution, large fines, and (in many cases) imprisonment!

Councils pretending to be courts...

The CORRUPT and FRAUDULENT corporate councils are pretending to be courts and pretending to have 'authority' to issue 'liability orders' and even 'warrants'! ANY such claim is a LIE and FRAUD, which means that councils are committing serious CRIMINAL offences!

Peter Croll gives some shocking examples of his local Council issuing paperwork that purports to come directly from courts in order to extort money and goods...

The subject of the event presentations was to evidence institutional corruption -- referring specifically to the reams of fraudulent, incorrect, and incomplete legal paperwork served on us by courts and bailiffs and other 'authorities' either out of error, incompetence, or deliberate intent to deceive. This is a blatant abuse of power and process and in many instances is motivated for personal enrichment. The day saw a number of very informed and experienced presenters from around the country and thank them for taking the time to share their knowledge of fraud investigation and court procedure with us. Some of these presenters are very well known and others may be new faces. All have had recent success challenging fraudulent 'court' paperwork and most have now commenced with criminal prosecutions against the culprits. The presenters explain their the details using examples of cases of which they have personal knowledge. We can all learn from their example and get involved in correcting this deliberate corruption of our system of justice.

The intention of the Dignity Alliance event was:

to get this subject into the public arena

to inform The People of the facts and suggest available remedies to institutional corruption

to encourage knowledgeable and qualified people to assist our legal team/experts in processing a large number of cases -- and many more to come

to defend the innocent and prosecute the guilty

to save lives (suicide being an increasing result)

to merge the work of various groups, bodies, and associations to form a single organised and professional investigation/ prosecution team

The law profession are slowly but surely waking up to the sheer scale and ramifications of this issue. We wish to invite law professionals to review our evidence and realise that unless we work together to fix this mess - and compensate those who have been wronged - the credibility of OUR justice system will be lost. We cannot emphasise enough the sheer scale of this issue and the damage that will be done to the reputation of the judiciary unless good people within the system step out from the shadows, speak out, and help us help you.

Please share this video and subscribe to the DA channel.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Fighting back against the Corrupt Councils, Courts and Police...

Fighting back against Corrupt Councils, Courts and Police [Neil Heffey] Dignity Alliance Conference

The current system is inherently corrupt and fraudulent. It MUST be changed!

Neil Heffey wants to make a difference and created this group to help:

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Scotland has the power to end 'bedroom tax'...

Scotland's administration are given the power to end the 'bedroom tax'!

It's about time that more folk learned about integrity and decency, and ended the discriminatory and FRAUDULENT Council Tax and all its permutations!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Corporate councils driving families into poverty..

Again and again it is being shown that the private-for-profit corporate councils are implementing government policies which are driving the inhabitants of counties into poverty, by demanding payments for 'services' where no real services have been provided, or where the level of Public Service is pathetic and inadequate.

And yet the same corporate councils continue to invest millions of Public Funds in dodgy companies, pay millions in redundancy/retirement packages, pay 30%+ of all council taxes in private (copper-bottomed) pensions, promote other corrupt corporations, pay out vast expenses to council executives and managers for Common Purpose courses, hotels, flights and other expenses, and give substantial contracts for the provision of 'services' to multinational corporations (SERCO, Capita, Centrica, etc) and thereby guilty of Misappropriation of Public Funds. The CRIMINALS in the corporate councils are blatant in their FRAUD!