Saturday, 24 May 2014

Council 'courts' are a FRAUD - admission by Clerks

April 2011, the Justice’s Clerks Society - ‘Procedure in Liability Order Applications'
“The Councils software generates the liability orders. These may be rubber-stamped or pre-printed with the justices clerks signature. There is no requirement for a wet-ink signature”
“The court and its staff should not give the impression that the council is in charge of the process”

The corporate councils are operating FRAUDULENT courts with non-legally qualified personnel issuing 'liability orders' and even 'warrants', and they know it and even admit it!
Time for ALL inhabitants of counties to STOP PAYING Council Tax to the FRAUDULENT and therefore CRIMINAL corporate councils!

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  1. And if we do this who is going to pay what the courts order us and if this is true why is it not more public and also why is not more pressure put on the media to promote this and help us all