Wednesday, 28 August 2013

UN to investigate UK plc housing failures and suicides

"...660,000 of the poorest households in Britain are expected to fall into arrears under the coalition policy, with charities warning that around two-thirds are home to someone with a disability."
UK plc is driving hundreds of thousands of people into poverty and ignoring International Law. The failures by the current government include criminal offences of actual harm to Public Trust Beneficiaries by the Trustees, theft of Public Funds, Misconduct in Public Office, Misappropriation of Public Funds and even Treason! Politicians involved are therefore CRIMINALS and should be arrested to stand trial!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Council and their bailiffs have been driving people to suicide!

Council paid bailifs in Oldham have driven a man to hang himself!

Corporate CRIMINALS in councils need to be held to account for their CRIMES!
Time to STOP PAYING COUNCIL TAX and bring private prosecutions against the CEOs of councils for PERSONAL LIABILITY for their obvious FRAUD!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Haringey magistrates to justify their Council Tax decisions to a judge in the High Court.

Haringey magistrates to justify their Council Tax decisions to a judge in the High Court.

"Haringey council was granted 1700 liability orders on the 2nd August bringing the total to over 7000 so far this year. Last year the costs were also £125 and the council gained 17,200 orders from the magistrates so collecting £2.1 million, mostly from the poorest citizens."

As clearly shown, some courts have been imposing costs for the issuing of liability orders that can never be shown to actually exist! This is collusion in FRAUD and CRIMINAL activity, by the corporate-owned courts and the corporate-run councils. They are conspiring to steal millions of Public Funds for corporate profits, thereby depriving local people of their inalienable rights at Common Law and acting against basic Human Rights and a number of Statutary Laws.
The adminstration of both courts and councils is by a CORPORATE MAFIA and is FRAUDULENT by definition!

Corporate councils have been destroying lives for profit...

More news on the terrible impact of cuts in Housing Benefit and welfare and how to survive the situation.

Toxic debts, as Housing Benefit cuts bite...

This excellent article includes ideas for FOI requests, and SAR under the Data Protection Act 1998.
Time to ONLY accept liability for any Council Tax when corporate councils obey the law and answer any questions that we may have. If FRAUDULENT and therefore CRIMINAL  activities are identified and admitted to, then private prosecutions can follow!

'Billing Authority' and the Bills of Exchange Act...

This might help people understand the Local Government and Finance Act 1992 better. 
If your local council admits that it is indeed a 'Billing Authority' then you might be able to get them under the Bill of Exchange Act 1882 for not presenting you with a true bill which must be 1) negotiable and 2) signed.

Council Tax complaint idea...

 The following was posted recently in FB with a view to sharing ideas for dealing with Council Tax complaints. It can be copied and pasted into a new doc and adapted to personal situations:

After another Summons and another Liability order on the 24th July, I then complained to the Local Government Ombudsman. I've now sent copies of all letters passed between us to both the LGO and the Chief Exec of the Council, over the past year. Letter to Chief Exec below should fill in the details. This just gone out today:

30th July 2013

Carole *******
** *** *****
*** ***

Council Tax Complaint For Chief Executive Officer

Your Ref: *********

Dear Mr *******

I have recently complained to the Local Government Ombudsman regarding your Council Tax Dept. and the decisions they are currently making.

The LGO replied saying they had contacted your office and that you were unaware of any of my complaints. 

I therefore enclose copies of all correspondence between myself and your staff in the Council Tax dept. Along with my dealings with your Revenue Collectors at the ******** Rd, ******** address.

I have also contacted local Councillors and the MP ****** *******. Cllr. ****** ******* promised me he would make sure my letter (3) would reach you, after he had shown it to other interested Councillors. But apparently it did not find you.

None of the Councillors, MP nor any of your staff in the above mentioned departments have ever directed me to any other level of the Council's complaints procedure. Consequently I have been left adrift to face Court Bailiffs for the second time this year. 

I respectfully ask that you browse through this correspondence. That you note my level of income and the option within the legislation for 'nil charge' for those, like myself, who are experiencing great difficulty in paying Council Tax.

Please take special note of the enclosed documents (14), (15) and (16). 

This letter (14) is where I offer to enter into contract with Cornwall County Council to secure local services. Treating them as the trading, profiteering company that they are. (Listed on 'Dun and Bradstreet' - the international companies list) This is because they are not making, nor seeing, any sense in their alleged capacity as a 'public authority'. Magistrate and County Courts are also listed on there as registered trading companies. Which means that their 'bailiffs' are actually 'debt collectors.' Who can only extort money from people if they contract in with them.

As you will see in (15) their dogged response to my fair offer of £5 per week was to continue with a fake Summons (no Court Seal, no wet ink signature and no pondering over my case by any individual Magistrate).

Followed by a fake Liability Order (16), (my second this year), granted en masse, along with others in similar positions, with no pondering over each case by any individual Magistrate. But rather fast-tracked by what appear to be merely Council staff.

I took the liberty of contracting the Magistrates Court earlier this year to ask if they had issued a Summons and granted the ensuing Liability Order in my name.

They had never heard of me.

Was it with the Council?, they asked. No, I replied. The Court has issued the Summons and granted the Liability Order, not the Council. The Council are NOT a Court.

In their capacity as registered trading companies Councils can no more demand payment, or assume any liability for payment, any more than British Telecom can. The corporation can only trade with customers via contract. With full agreement by both parties.

Also any supportive statute/legislation would also require the consent of the individual people. 

Statutes are not 'Law' until we consent.

Some serious overhaul of the Council Tax system needs to be undertaken. Knowledge of the trading status of Councils and Courts is spreading thoughout the land. People are forming groups to meet up outside the Courts to challenge the officers within. This tsunami will only grow in size.

Had Council Tax officers/revenue collectors not been so dogmatic in their attempts to wring blood out of stone the people would not have been forced to delve deeper into the true nature of our County Councils and Courts. But here we are ...

I am hoping you can persuade them to take a more lenient tone with those, like myself, who are experiencing difficulties. To adopt clauses that are already available for use in the legislation:

Local Government Finance Act 2012

“SCHEDULE 1A Council tax reduction schemes: England

(2) The classes may be determined by reference to, in particular—
(a) the income of any person liable to pay council tax to the authority in respect of a dwelling;
(b) the capital of any such person;
(c) the income and capital of any other person who is a resident of the dwelling;
(d) the number of dependants of any person within paragraph (a) or (c);
(e) whether the person has made an application for the reduction.

(4) A reduction may be— ...

(d) the whole amount of council tax (so that the amount payable is nil).'

These 'court' actions have been taken against me by CCC's vicious revenue collectors. Despite my near zero income. Of which they are well aware. However, I will still continue to pay in £5 per week. Despite not being able to afford to. Despite the continual harassment I receive from the CT office. Despite that I will be taken to Court, year in, year out. As I wait eternally for the 'bailiffs' to come to my door. For a contract I cannot, and do not wish to, enter into.

Many more will soon follow in my footsteps as news travels around. Please give this your urgent attention. 


Council Tax, Legal?

Council Tax, Legal?

Council Tax Enforcement - are our councils lying to us?

It certainly appears that corporate councils are operating outside of established law and making vast profits from Public Funds. Those responsible are therefore committing FRAUD and are, by definition, CRIMINALS!
By informing those working within corporate councils of the relevant legislation and the obvious FRAUD, the Tort (Harm) becomes INTENTIONAL and therefore CRIMINAL at both Common AND Statutary Law.
When the majority STOP PAYING Council Tax and demand proper accountability, insist upon adherence to the laws of Britain, and require PRIVATE agreements for services provided (with Full Disclosure of ALL aspects of any such agreement at the point of signing), in order to pay what is Lawfully owed, then if these CRIMINALS continue their FRAUD they will be subject to numerous prosecutions leading to hefty fines and imprisonment!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Corporate councils criticised for using bailiffs!

The FRAUDULENT corporate-run councils are using intimidation and harassment because they are like Mafia! These corporations are CRIMINALS using Public Funds for private profits while they sell off Public Assets and services that belong to/were paid for by the Public Funds! They are CRIMINALS, BY DEFINITION!

For the same CRIMINAL councils to use over 70% of the funds collected by Council Tax for spending OTHER THAN Public Services, and then claim that they are collecting the funds legitimately, is a ROTTEN LIE! Most Council Tax is used for copper-bottomed pensions for corporate council staff and executives while the people they were employed to SERVE are being robbed, driven out of their homes, taxed into debt and malnutrition, and (in many cases) driven to extreme depression and suicide!
Some councils use most of the Council Tax collected to pay the INTEREST ON THEIR DEBTS! The question is, how did they get so into debt? It certainly was NOT by providing Public Services!


Families being harmed by Council Taxes

Council Tax is a disgusting CRIMINAL SCAM by FRAUDULENT and CRIMINAL corporate-run councils!

Whilst corporate executives get MASSIVE pay rises there are mothers turning to prostitution to feed their children!

It is totally irrelevant whether one council is involved in one story or another. ALL the corporate councils are committing FRAUD, by definition! Using Public Funds for the profits of private corporations is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE subject to imprisonment!
ANY support for these PROVEN CRIMINALS is complicity in their crimes!


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Corporate councils that persecute the poor "are a disgrace"!

Council tax prosecutions that persecute the poorest are a disgrace, says disability campaigner
The private-for-profit corporations that are FRAUDULENTLY profiting from Public Funds have a great deal to answer for! Their claims that people have to pay them are a HUGE LIE! Their claims that the money they collect goes to providing Public Services are a MASSIVE FRAUD! Fraud is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE!!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Bedroom Tax - 96% of the people hit have nowhere to move to!

The FRAUDULENT 'Bedroom Tax' is based upon lies and corruption!

"For the 38 councils that provided full data, 99,079 families are expected to be affected by the bedroom tax, but only 3,803 one and two-bedroom social housing properties are available – just 3.8 per cent of the homes required to rehouse the families who are hit.
Another 26 councils who responded said they expected a total of 45,669 families to be affected, but were unable to say how many smaller properties were available in their area."

The almost incredible level of FRAUD by the corporate councils implementing this harmful, and therefore CRIMINAL under Common Law, corporate government measure, is being exposed daily!

NOW is the time to STOP PAYING COUNCIL TAX for private profits, and hold all 'Public Servants' to account for their CRIMES!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Councils operating parking ticket FRAUD!

 Councils across Britain are raking in millions from issuing parking tickets!

The most disgraceful aspect of this is that councils are legally and lawfully obliged to SERVE the public NOT penalise them and make them pay council pensions! This is FRAUD on a massive scale!