Sunday, 25 August 2013

Council Tax, Legal?

Council Tax, Legal?

Council Tax Enforcement - are our councils lying to us?

It certainly appears that corporate councils are operating outside of established law and making vast profits from Public Funds. Those responsible are therefore committing FRAUD and are, by definition, CRIMINALS!
By informing those working within corporate councils of the relevant legislation and the obvious FRAUD, the Tort (Harm) becomes INTENTIONAL and therefore CRIMINAL at both Common AND Statutary Law.
When the majority STOP PAYING Council Tax and demand proper accountability, insist upon adherence to the laws of Britain, and require PRIVATE agreements for services provided (with Full Disclosure of ALL aspects of any such agreement at the point of signing), in order to pay what is Lawfully owed, then if these CRIMINALS continue their FRAUD they will be subject to numerous prosecutions leading to hefty fines and imprisonment!

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