Monday, 5 December 2016

Nottingham City Council - TRULY ROTTEN!

Nottingham City Council can't wait to spend Public Funds on defrauding those who pay for services. They clearly have 'forgotten' what 'Public Service' means. They are quite happy to take 30% of Council Tax for their pensions, spend even more on interest payments for the Nottinghamshire LOBO loans, covering-up paedophilia, harassing home owners, using the corrupt police to forcibly evict numerous home owners, using dodgy 'Bulk Courts' to create the fraudulent 'Liability Orders', and taking big corporate bribes to flog-off the vital library for more "office space"! Undoubtedly the local inhabitants can think of plenty more examples of the corruption & fraud of the local politicians!

What is surprising is why Nottingham inhabitants are still paying ANY Council Tax at all!

Does your council have LOBO loans?

The contraversey surrounding the LOBO loans isn't going to go conveniently away!

Included in the website is information about Local Authority Finance, spending, funding & borrowing. Also included is information about which councils are borrowing over £50m, who from, and in whose interest the loan works! The "cripplingly expensive loans" are "complex big bank structures aimed at hedge funds but bought by local authorities post recession to fund services & projects". In other words the drain upon local Public Funds by crooked banks is blatant!

When the local inhabitants of council areas realise that they are feeding the banks by paying for huge loans and substantial interest rates, while the same councils have been hoarding-away Public Funds in "Unusable Reserves", they may decide to stop paying Council Tax!

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Council Tax Questions & Warnings

Council Tax Questions - Did You Know Part 1
Council Tax Courts & Others - What do they Know Part 2
Council Tax Warning - Are We Expected To Be Mind Readers Part 3
Council Tax Warning - Bankruptcy Petition Part 4

The corporate councils are literally stealing from the inhabitants to fund their vast "Unusable Reserves", their executive 6 figure pay, their expense accounts, their guaranteed pensions, their Fraud, their private-for-profit administrative corporate scams. Time to STOP PAYING Council Taxes!

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Independent council - a working model for all

Frome in Somerset has a wholly independent council, with no political affiliation and no corporate allegiances, and council that serves its local inhabitants with great success and in total contrast to the previous bunch!
While this has not stopped the fraudulently enforced collection of Council Tax by the private corporation Capita on behalf of (contracted to) Mendip District Council, a way to increase Capita's vast share of Britain's Public Funds for its private shareholders and executives, at least the allocation of local Public Funds to Frome Council is spent wisely and for the benefit of the inhabitants!

Frome Independent Council

Peter MacFadyen

Other members of the public around the country, sick of the corruption and rot inside the corporate councils, may want to question any political affiliation in their local councils and want to stand as Independent councillors, to expose the political corruption and restore some elements of local democracy!

Chester West & Chester council - ANOTHER "rotten borough"!

Exposing yet another rotten corporate council!

The inhabitants of Chester will want to know about their ROTTEN council and why their precious Public Funds have been squandered for private profits!

Corporate corruption and Council tax fraud - MUST SEE!!!

The corporate councils are all corrupted, to some degree or other. All of them are hiding their "Unusable Reserves" in secretive accounting by their CFO/Section 151 officer, 'reserves' that are enough to end any fraud of "austerity".

Corporate corruption and Council tax fraud - MUST SEE!!! (Freedom North West 2016 HD)

Time to expose the FRAUD & CORRUPTION of the corporate councils, and stop paying Council Tax & Business Rates!

CPAG Council Tax Handbook 11th edition 2016

A video that clarifies about many aspects of Council Tax and the ways in which the corporate councils penalise the local inhabitants for their own rot & corruption, losses, debts, etc.

CPAG Council Tax Handbook 11th edition 2016

The CPAG is concerned about "social & welfare law" so they may be able to help those who are 'in contract' with the corporate councils & their private-for-profit administrative corporations and urgently need help.

Councils that ban/fine rough sleepers & homeless people

Many councils have been imposing or planning to impose heavy fines upon homeless people. The only reason that people are homeless is because of council policies about sheltered housing, social housing, lax policies on 'buy-to-let' and speculative investments, corporate policies and bribery, that are removing lower cost and 'social housing' from towns and cities, without proper provision for new housing to be built or the MILLIONS of empty homes around the country (far more than the numbers of homeless) being compulsory purchased at cost and given to the inhabitants at proper rents.

Some examples of corrupt & self-serving corporate councils:

The corporate councils are disgraceful. They don't work for the local inhabitants, but seek to get locals to comply to their corporate structures by adopting titles such as "resident" and "occupier", which are nothing more than corporate 'legalese' deceptions to establish liability.
When enough people realise what these criminal corporations are doing, then they will stop paying Council Taxes and Business Rates!

Local Government Act 1888

All those reading this can see that there are NO outstanding amendments to the Act. This means the Act is fully in force today!
"(2) All duties and liabilities of the inhabitants of a county shall become and be duties and liabilities of the council of such county. "

As we know that the corporate councils have been 'hoarding' local Public Funds for years, leading to huge sums in "Unusable Reserves" that provide income from interest on investments. These essentially undeclared 'reserves' are enough to pay all the debts/obligations of the "inhabitants"but will never be used for the benefit of the 'residents' or 'occupiers'!

Some people want to know more:

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Councils causing suicides

Many people are now dead because of aggressiveness & intimidation by the corporate councils and their criminal private bailiff companies, using what are criminal tactics to force people into paying the FRAUD of Council Tax!

RIP to all those who have suffered & died and condolences to the bereaved families!

Any inhabitants of the areas where these people have died will be wondering why they should pay the corporate councils a single penny, and will be considering entering a Tax Rebellion against the DISGRACEFULLY CORRUPT councils and their FRAUDULENT & CRIMINAL policies!

Monday, 6 June 2016

Bolton Council - A TRULY 'rotten borough'!

Bolton Council have been deliberately hiding their own councillors who 'forgot' to pay Council Tax!

When Bolton inhabitants realise that thousands of pounds of local Public Funds have been wasted protecting the crooked councillors from facing their own corporate-run council's rules, thereby depriving local Public Services valuable funds during a time of "austerity", they will undoubtedly want to STOP PAYING Council Taxes!

Bristol Council - TRULY a 'rotten borough'!

Bristol City Council have been flogging-off the last of their council housing stock, to drive the poorer inhabitants out of the city and into private rented accommodation. They obviously have 'forgotten' that Bristol's inhabitants PAID FOR the building of the houses in the first place!

"they will be a mixture of council-owned and affordable houses sold by the authority's new company." So Bristol Council has set-up its own private company to administer the sale of Public Assets, and the supposed construction of new housing?

As the inhabitants of Bristol paid Council Taxes for the police, the courts, council bailiffs, council staff and their corrupt pension funds, simply to STOP PAYING Council Tax will send a clear message to the corporate-run council that selling Public Assets and protecting the illegal sale with the corporate-run police and council-appointed private bailiffs, that they are 'served notice' of their criminal activities!

Newquay Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

Despite having "Unusable Reserves" stashed-away in secret accounts, administered by the Section 151 Officer using double sets of accounts to hide the truth from the majority, Newquay Council has hiked the Council Tax rates by almost 88%! Just another example of how councils have been embezzling Public Funds!

The inhabitants of Newquay will be considering to STOP PAYING Council Tax and expose their local councillors that work for private agendas!

Darlington Borough Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

Despite having substantial "Unusable Reserves" that have been hidden away from the paying public for years, Darlington's corrupt corporate council believes it can go on raising its Council Tax rates without redress!

Time for the inhabitants of Darlington to STOP PAYING Council Tax and expose the corporate-run council and its FRAUD!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Lambeth Council - A TRULY 'Rotten Borough'!

Lambeth Council is In Breach Of Trust and therefore committing a Criminal offence!

Anyone paying Lambeth Council, either with Business Rates OR Council Tax is supporting proven Criminals who have broken the conditions of having South London Carnegie Library at all.  And, fraudlently, they claim to "own" the library!
The Criminals in Lambeth Council are guilty of Malfeasance in Public Office and Misappropriation of Public Funds, both serious Criminal offences!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Council Tax is Fraud

Council Tax is Fraud and Every Tax is Fraud

"The Government in the UK is not a government elected by the people at all. It is private all for profit corporation called HM Parliaments & Governments PLC.

A statute (or act of Parliament): A legislative rule which is given the force of law with your consent. NOTE: a statute or act of Parliament IS NOT LAW. It is a rule or regulation or company policy of the private corporation HM Parliaments & Governments PLC.

It has been confirmed as truth and fact following due process at HMCTS tribunal that for a claim made u dear an act or statute to be valid, then first there must be consent of the governed. This must be obtained by way of a formal contract between HM Parliaments & Governments PLC and you. Please see the case where this fact has been proved by Baron David Ward here: David Ward v Warrington Borough Council.
­_Affidavit_of_Truth_and_Statement_of_Fac­t.pdf Exhibit B Case Authority. It is very important to note that this affidavit has never been rebutted and stands as agreed truth and fact after being served on circa 657 MPs, The Secretary of State, The Secretary of The Crown and many others

A Contract or agreement: A formal written document which lays out terms offered and accepted by the living parties, which offers full disclosure and is signed in WET INK by all parties. In the instance of a company being one of the parties, either a director in the presence of a witness or two officers of the company must sign in wet ink, and you. The contract must be entered into by all parties whole heartedly and willingly, without coercion, not under duress or under the threat of loss or harm and full disclosure must always be given if these clear requirements for a contract are not adhered to then the contract is null and void from the start. Although it is claimed that verbal contracts stand, nothing can be proved from verbal contracts. Over time, details can be forgotten by the parties and witnesses or the truth can be bent on purpose for whatever reason so they must be recorded in formal documents so there is no doubt.

Signing in wet ink: Literally means a living being must pick up a pen and sign with his own hand.

Your Signature is everything. It creates the agreement (contract) and the liability and it also creates all funds.

So unless you and the circa 64.2 million other living flesh human beings who live on the land known as the United Kingdom have signed a contract with HM Parliaments & Governments PLC agreeing to adhere to and be bound by all their acts and statutes, then any claim made against you under an act is fraud by default, including Council Tax which your liability is claimed under The Local Government Finance Act 1992.

Knowledge is power. With the knowledge you acquire, apply it only for truth and knowledge for the benefits of others and yourself."

Friday, 25 March 2016

Nottingham City Council - TRULY a 'rotten borough'!

Having cut funding from 4 different homeless hostels, Nottingham City Council have decided to spend the money saved on demonising the homeless. Horrifically outdated and stereotyping propaganda. Shame on you Nottingham City Council!

The inhabitants of Nottingham will remember the council child care home paedophile scandals that led to the closure of numerous homes. They will be aware of the campaigns by Mikey Summers and many others to expose the leading members of Nottingham City Council who have been either directly involved in paedophilia or involved in covering-up paedophilia and silencing critics. Many Nottingham inhabitants will want to know how much the council holds in its Unusable Reserve accounts and the proportion of Council Tax that goes to the council pensions. Such questions can be asked of the Section 151 Officer and viewed in the accounts.
Many Nottingham inhabitants will agree that they should STOP PAYING any Council Tax to paedophile protectors, frauds and liars!

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Time Bombs under the Council Tax

"Frankly, with no prescribed record having been made, there is currently more evidence for sightings of flying saucers to be found in Government records than there is for the existence of thousands numbers of council tax liability orders supposedly being claimed by local authorities up and down the land."

There you have it! Councils are operating in FRAUD by claiming that courts have issued actual 'Liability Orders' when in every case they have not!
This FRAUD will not go away as long as the private corporate councils are allowed to hire 'Bulk Courts' for the day and issue their own FAKE 'Liability Orders' that are NOT signed by legally-qualified personnel and which include FRAUDULENT charges. When asked, the 'bailiffs' cannot provide any signed OR court-stamped documents and rely on intimidation, aggression, criminal threats & menaces, illegal breaking & entering, and usually protected by the corporate police as they carry out their criminal activities!
When enough inhabitants of Britain realise the full extent of the corporate SCAM, they will want to STOP PAYING Council Tax altogether!

Friday, 11 March 2016

Lambeth Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

"An 81-year-old social housing tenant has been forcibly removed from his home in South London, despite public and political opposition. Artist Tony Healy had been fighting against the eviction from his housing co-op, where he has lived for more than 30 years. Until, that is, Lambeth council made an unexpected move: sectioning him under the Mental Health Act."

How disgusting of Lambeth Council to use a 'Section' against an 81 year old man just because he resisted them! Time for ALL the inhabitants of Lambeth to STOP PAYING Council Tax to the COWARDS & TRAITORS in their council!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Is my Council funding Terrorism?

With corporate councils giving large amounts to central government and a proportion has been used to fund terrorists in various countries, it is clearly time for Britain's inhabitants to question whether paying Council Tax is legal!

Paying Council Tax & Business Rates is funding crime!

Councils have £22.5 billion in Usable Reserves

"over the past year, local authorities added nearly £1 billion more to their non-ringfenced reserves – taking the total to £22.5 billion."

With so much available in Usable Reserves it's a wonder why so many inhabitants of Britain pay so much in Council Tax!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Bolton Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

Bolton Council is spending MILLIONS on non-essential projects and making inhabitants pay rises in Council Tax that are above interest rates to fund it all!

When corporate councils spend YOUR MONEY on more of their corporate rubbish, whilst cutting Public Services, it is time to STOP PAYING Council Tax!

Plymouth Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

When any council considers fining the homeless instead of providing one of their many empty properties for homeless people to live in, they are acting Unlawfully, guilty of Misappropriation of Public Funds and Malfeasance in Public Office.

When YOUR Council Tax is misused in such a way, it is time to STOP PAYING!

Bristol City Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

Bristol Council are WASTING MONEY!

When YOUR Council Tax pays for this type of NONSENSE, it is time to STOP PAYING!

Monday, 1 February 2016

Bedroom Tax - it costs nothing to APPEAL!

It costs nothing to appeal and it could win!
But more importantly, when millions of people appeal against council decisions it will clog-up the courts and the whole system and cost far more money than any saving!
"In summary, the most important issue and for me the quickest way to get rid of the bedroom tax is if all 449,151 households who are currently affected write 1 letter and then insist in 1 email their council refers their individual case to tribunal to cost the government £2,800 or so."

When the corporate FRAUD of Council Tax and 'Bedroom Tax' is continuously and fully exposed, and when sufficient numbers of people appeal against decisions, the whole rotten system will come to a grinding halt!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

'Bedroom tax': Government loses Court of Appeal cases

Two new rulings by the Court of Appeal have set Legal precedent, ptotentially for the benefit of thousands of families and disabled people across Britain.

In courts, Case Law wins cases. 2 pieces of UK Case Law win in court. USA Case Law can be used but 2 pieces of USA Case Law equal 1 of UK Case Law. These judgments can & should now be used for anyone in similar situations!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Stockton Council - how much in "reserve"?

"Council leader, Bob Cook, stressed a number of options were on the table to meet the budget shortfall, including capital and revenue reserves."
The good people of Stockton may want to find out about the value of Stockton Council's "Unusable Reserves", which are carefully disguised by their Section 151 Officer, before agreeing to further cuts in local services. The inhabitants of Stockton may also prefer to withhold Council Tax payments until there is full disclosure of the total "reserves" held by Stockton Council.

Stockton inhabitants might find that their local council is a registered private corporation trading for profit, and that over 30% of their Council Tax has been paid as secure pensions to council staff, while large amounts have been invested into "Unusable Reserve" accounts.
As with all the corporate councils, Stockton has been paying for a lot of things not properly, lawfully or legally declared!

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Return the Fraudulent Claims unopened!

Good ideas for sending back the Fraudulent Claims by councils when they demand Council Tax payments!

Send back their Fraudulent Claims unopened. STOP PAYING Council Tax!

Council Tax is Unlawful!

Council Tax is UNLAWFUL!

Time to STOP PAYING Council Tax!

Borough of Poole - a TRULY ROTTEN borough!

The Scandal of the Borough of Poole, where councillors and officers are ruining thousands of Poole inhabitants!

“This financial year there will be well over 2,000 local families referred to an enforcement agent,” he said.
“This represents a doubling in only three years.
“Every one of these cases is a family struggling to pay their way in the world – most involve the working poor – these are local residents who are doing the right thing, working and bringing up a family without relying solely on benefits and yet they are being penalised and now punished by the Borough of Poole.
“With cases referred to a bailiff rising from 39 per cent of liability orders to 80 per cent in just two years, senior officers and the councillors in charge must have been involved in setting this policy.”

“Whilst most people in Poole have enjoyed a five year council tax freeze this group of people are seeing their CT bill explode every year,” he said.

When the inhabitants of Poole realise what's really going on they will want to STOP PAYING Council Tax and sack all the officals and councillors involved! They may also want to find out who the Section 151 Officer is and demand to know how much the Borough of Poole has in their so-called "Unusable Reserves". The amount will undoubtedly negate the need for any local 'austerity'!