Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Stockton Council - how much in "reserve"?

"Council leader, Bob Cook, stressed a number of options were on the table to meet the budget shortfall, including capital and revenue reserves."
The good people of Stockton may want to find out about the value of Stockton Council's "Unusable Reserves", which are carefully disguised by their Section 151 Officer, before agreeing to further cuts in local services. The inhabitants of Stockton may also prefer to withhold Council Tax payments until there is full disclosure of the total "reserves" held by Stockton Council.


Stockton inhabitants might find that their local council is a registered private corporation trading for profit, and that over 30% of their Council Tax has been paid as secure pensions to council staff, while large amounts have been invested into "Unusable Reserve" accounts.
As with all the corporate councils, Stockton has been paying for a lot of things not properly, lawfully or legally declared!

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