Saturday, 9 January 2016

Borough of Poole - a TRULY ROTTEN borough!

The Scandal of the Borough of Poole, where councillors and officers are ruining thousands of Poole inhabitants!

“This financial year there will be well over 2,000 local families referred to an enforcement agent,” he said.
“This represents a doubling in only three years.
“Every one of these cases is a family struggling to pay their way in the world – most involve the working poor – these are local residents who are doing the right thing, working and bringing up a family without relying solely on benefits and yet they are being penalised and now punished by the Borough of Poole.
“With cases referred to a bailiff rising from 39 per cent of liability orders to 80 per cent in just two years, senior officers and the councillors in charge must have been involved in setting this policy.”

“Whilst most people in Poole have enjoyed a five year council tax freeze this group of people are seeing their CT bill explode every year,” he said.

When the inhabitants of Poole realise what's really going on they will want to STOP PAYING Council Tax and sack all the officals and councillors involved! They may also want to find out who the Section 151 Officer is and demand to know how much the Borough of Poole has in their so-called "Unusable Reserves". The amount will undoubtedly negate the need for any local 'austerity'!

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