Thursday, 28 February 2013

Council Tax courts scam

"If there is a case to be heard in the Court it has to be sent to the Court clerk (or  Court manager at County Court)  to consider, they then issue a Summons which is sent directly from the Court. As the Council issue the Summons it is not a Court matter, they just make it appear so by inviting (Summonsing) the person to the Court. As this is just a procedural matter for summary judgement (person already liable) and not of course a “hearing” it makes sense for them to do it themselves!"

"One of the other many problems with the form is that the Council is known ONLY as LBWF and it was confirmed in writing that xxxx xxxx Council did not exist! Their corporate office stated this in a freedom of information request. I also included this in my Notice that demanding payment for an organisation which did not exist appeared to be fraudulent. This fact was of course ignored.
Having found out the name of the Council solicitor who put this rubbish together, I stated this would be investigated. Having served Notice on the Head of Governance and Law, (the top lawyer in the Borough), I can say from experience these people do not know how to do their jobs or even know the law, and they just seem to break it when it suits them." 

Blatant FRAUD is being committed by councils around the country. This is Misappropriation of Public Funds and Misuse of Public Office, both of which are SERIOUS criminal offences!
Instead of paying more money to councils, the people of Britain should be declining to pay another penny towards FRAUD and be reporting the matter to police stations everywhere!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Liability of the county council

Local Government Act 1888

(2) "All duties and liabilities of the inhabitants of a county shall become and be duties and liabilities of the council of such county."
(3) "Where any enactment (whether relating to . . . F2 bridges, or other county purposes, or to quarter sessions) requires or authorises land to be conveyed or granted to, or any contract or agreement to be made in the name of, the clerk of the peace, or any justice or justices or other person, on behalf of the county or quarter sessions, or justices of the county, such land shall be conveyed or granted to, and such contract and agreement shall be made with, the council of the . . . F3 county concerned."

There you have it! Your county council is liable for "All duties and liabilities of the inhabitants of a county...". Send your bills for them to pay!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Bedroom Tax = Poll Tax

Left Foot Forward has put together five things David Cameron doesn’t want you to know about the Bedroom Tax.

Learn how to enter administrative process and prove the FRAUD of the private for profit corporations that are unlawfully intimidating people into paying them. Learn how to create Commercial Liens and establish powerful counterclaims upon the fraudulent corporations!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Fraudulent CT enforcement!

Time for the majority of people to stop paying ALL fraudulent corporate taxes and demand evidence of any contract. Create Commercial Liens against the FRAUD of the corporations administering Council Tax, and prosecute them severely!

When enough people are familiar with the issues and enforce the Law then the corporate councils will have to change their FRAUDULENT system!

Suicide rate scandal!

Suicide rates are rising rapidly directly because of corporate government policies!
'Austerity' is a huge scam! It is PROVEN that governments can print interest-free money and do NOT have to prop-up ailing bankrupt banks and other corporations.

Now is the time for LAWFUL REBELLION!

Council Tax/Bedroom Tax SCAM!

 The ConDemAll corporate-run UK plc government are acting against the Common and Constitutional Laws of Britain.

The corrupt and corporate-owned MPs are operating in Conflict-of-Interest because they are rewarding themselves for their corruption, from our precious public funds, while they destroy jobs and services!

It is time for a Lawful Rebellion, by the majority, withholding ALL 'voluntary' taxes to the corporate government and ending payments to banks!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Workfare scandal - govt response

The government's response has been to attempt to rewrite the law! 

As we know, the government has been caught lying repeatedly, has broken Britain's Laws and Customs, has attempted to sell-off Britain's Sovereignty, has acted fraudulently on MANY occasions, is breaching International Law, has committed War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, and individuals in the government have stolen Public Funds for their own benefit and/or given Britain's Public Funds to CRIMINAL corporations. That is aside from causing the deaths of thousands of British people through denying them their inalienable rights under Britain's Common Laws, Laws that form our Constitutional Law and which cannot be repealed without the consent of the People!
They are also guilty of the SERIOUS CRIME of Treason on many counts!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

It's time for Lawful Rebellion!

United Nations declaration Universal human rights Article 21.(3)
"The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government"

"They laugh as they talk of different ways to initiate their plans on the British public.
None of them are, per say, normal people. They are all on big wages plus a large funding of expenses, paid for by the electorate. It is time to put a stop to their corruption and the underhanded way they are stealing the peoples, money, livelihoods, schools, housing and health services.
Million of pounds are being given to big business in tax cuts, this is unacceptable whilst people are being forced into a situation by an unscrupulous government that wreaks of corruption and dissent.
Government and the councils are breaching protocols, they are breaking the rules and acting unlawfully.

They must ALL be sacked.
Revolution is not an easy transition, but as a Nation we cannot afford to stagnate.
We cannot allow the corrupt and unscrupulous to continue in their unlawful business.
The business of the day is THE PEOPLE."

by Radfax 

Public Funds being used for CRIME!

Public funds being used for another bank bonus to Hester, despite him being proven as complicit in MASSIVE fraud? Business Rates are being used for this! Numerous councils are using RBS for their banking!
"The boss of the taxpayer-funded Royal Bank of Scotland will be paid a bonus of £780,000 just weeks after his bank was fined £391m for rate-rigging."

Just another example of how the UK plc (Public Trust) CRIMINALS are running the economy for VAST private profit in Britain!

Support for crime is complicity in crime!

When the people vote for and support a group of loathsome, corrupt and criminal scum, then they will be treated as idiots.
This is the situation now with people paying Council Tax and Business Rates, as well as Income Tax and any other 'voluntary' (ie subject to Contract with a private corporation) taxes. As we know, there is NO Lawful reason to pay such taxes and ALL are subject ONLY to Statutary (Civil/Commercial) Law, which can ONLY be enforced "by the consent of the governed", and which is, therefore, absolutely subject to Contract.

This article demonstrates very clearly what type of person is now mal-administrating the UK plc Public Trust:

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

It's easy to rob from other people

This interesting video below shows how the simple process of creating official and moral rights to take other peoples' property.

As most people know by now, councils claim to have the right to collect taxes from the people who live near them. Why? Because they say so!

More political FRAUD!

Yet another example of how politicians in parliament are defrauding public funds with massive subsidies, while our public services are being savaged!

"According to Commons authorities, bars and restaurants took in £8.3 million in sales in 2011-12 but still required a subsidy of £5.2 million to run."

Public funds for FRAUD!

Councils have given pay-offs of £100,000 or more to 135 officials leaving their jobs in the past year, The Telegraph has found.

The pay-offs to the 135 officials followed several lucrative awards to council bosses the previous year. Analysis of local authority accounts found that 10 executives received pay-offs of almost £3 million between them, on top of their salaries and pension contributions.
The biggest were made by Kent county council where, in the past two years, five officials were given a total of £1.2 million.
Katherine Kerswell, the council's former managing director, received a £420,000 pay-off after less than 20 months in the job, on top of her £139,806 salary and £29,359 pension contribution. She is now the Cabinet Office's director of civil service reform on a salary of £142,000 a year.
Lynda McMullan, the former corporate director, was paid £172,000 in compensation and has since joined the National Audit Office as assistant auditor general. Mrs McMullan, who now earns £145,000, said after her appointment that "value for money" was one of the most important issues facing the public sector.
The accounts also disclose that Peter Gilroy, the chief executive before Mrs Kerswell was appointed, was given £407,851 in compensation. He has since formed his own consultancy.
Paul Carter, the leader of Kent council, said the authority had no choice but to make the payments after taking legal advice. He urged the Government to change employment regulations to make it less expensive to sack people.

Bedroom Tax letter to Cameron

Prime Minister,
I have just finished reading a letter from Julia Jones that was published in The Mirror and addressed to you.
It was truly heart wrenching to read how she is being affected by the ‘bedroom tax’.
You will no doubt read it yourself so I won’t repeat it all here. Two parts of it though I will repeat;
Towards the end of the letter Julia Jones quite categorically states ‘it was your government who introduced this law so I have to hold you responsible’.
How does it feel to know you are responsible for her current situation?

Secondly, she starts her letter with ‘I heard you in Prime Minister’s Questions say you would look at individual cases on the bedroom tax’.
As far as I can see every case is an individual case.
With that in mind I am urging everybody to write to you explaining their individual cases! That’s potentially 660,000 letters (correct me if I’m wrong) heading to your Direct Communications Unit!
Whether they do actually reach you in person remains to be seen, but imagine the effect it would have on your staff, having to read them all and see what their ‘employer’ is doing to people.
They would have to be pretty damn heartless not to be affected by them.
I would suggest your staff prepare by printing off lots of the standard replies and thinking up lots of made up names to sign them with.
Starbuck Amazon

Misuse of Public Office is a CRIMINAL offence!

It has been declared by judges that 'Workfare' is tantamount to Slavery!

"A three-judge panel at the royal courts of justice ruled that the secretary of state for work and pensions had acted unlawfully by not giving the unemployed enough information about the penalties they faced and their rights to appeal against being made to work unpaid for, in some cases, hundreds of hours."

This means that Iain Duncan Smith has committed a series of SERIOUS CRIMINAL OFFENCES including Misuse of Public Office, Misappropriation of Public Funds, attempted enslavement (Slavery is illegal under national and international laws), and fraud.
This is VERY serious! To continue to pay Council Tax and/or Business Rates while public funds are being used for proven CRIME is complicity in CRIME!
ANYONE who supports these SERIOUS CRIMINAL OFFENCES should be reported, arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned!
ANY councils that use public funds to support the 'Workfare' scheme are complicit in the SERIOUS CRIME of Slavery and therefore CRIMINAL!

CT & BR - raising money for the rich!

As if wanting to inform and provoke the majority of the population of Britain (aka UK plc) Cameron has already admitted publicly that his plans are "raising more money for the rich".
Many folk will not have seen this and will be amazed by how blatant is Cameron's admission!

When considering that our public services are being savaged, welfare payments being cut, disabled people forced to work for their 'benefits', pension funds under threat, hospitals being closed and sold -off, police forces being cut, ever more spending being made on wars of aggression, bank bailouts, bank bonuses, cover-ups, new legislation about secret courts, thousands of children being stolen from their families every year by Social Services, scandal upon scandal about paedophilia at various levels of government and in corporations, endless revelations about corruption in government, there could not be a more serious reason to STOP paying taxes of all kinds!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Public funds pay for corrupt politicians

How disgusting to see that precious public funds are being squandered by corrupt politicians as they use Parliament's computers for browsing sex websites!
Council Tax and Business Rates are being abused, which means that the Trustees of the Public Trust have been committing criminal offences subject to prosecution and imprisonment!

With the Jimmy Savile case and the revelations about paedophilia being an inherent problem at various levels of UK society, many people are seriously concerned about the ways in which public funds have been used (for decades) to suppress the truth and prevent proper criminal investigation:

Affidavit covering letter to council CEO

Covering letter for Commercial Lien against Nick Carter of West Berkshire Council

Recorded Deliverey Number A1 6527 6379 5GB


11th February 2013

West Berkshire Council
Market Street,
RG14 5LD

For the urgent attention of the person that accepts the liability for the name “Nick Carter” and for the fiction title of “NICK CARTER, CHIEF EXECUTIVE”.

In the last 4 years, I have had the displeasure of experiencing the most hideous, horrific, painful and deliberate attempts by West Berkshire Council and all its associates ie Thames Valley Police, NSPCC, Child Protection, Richard Benyon MP, De facto courts, and any other association involved in a conspiratorial agreement with each of the above, to disregard, dismiss, label, victimise, defame and other evil tactics, to destroy myself and my family.

The tactics used are becoming common knowledge by the people of the common law jurisdiction of England. Below are some of those that have been used against me:-

  • The deliberate manipulation of words and statements.
  • Intimidation and cruelty.
  • Referring people for psychiatric assessments that dare to lawfully defend themselves and tell the truth.
  • Referring People to various departments making them believe there may be a resolution, and once all of these have been exhausted to serve the “Common Purpose” of your establishment, any further communication between anyone and your establishment is met with hostility, aggression and threats.
  • Using people's vulnerabilities against them in order to serve a criminal “Common Purpose”.
  • Using template letters to disregard any correspondence that refers to the Common Law as “pure nonsense”, and that has no “legal basis”, in order to uphold your superior set of rules (company policy), and to justify your unlawful, criminal activity.
  • Expecting me to pay for my own stitch up, using threats and intimidation, and getting third party agents to bully me into submission to generate money for your shareholders.
  • Deceiving people into believing your acts and statutes are law, by using fear tactics.
  • Whistle blowing policies that serve no purpose, except to gain further information on the person you have targeted, and to look appealing in your policy and procedures, and used as a tool for your informants to feed you information if anyone supposedly brings your organisation into disrepute by informing the public of the criminal activities going on in your establishment; which is of course, a lawful duty of anyone that cares about the community; unless of course you are a criminal.

You have all sorts of weapons of destruction in your box of tricks to justify your actions, but what you wont ever deal with is the TRUTH.

Doing your job as a pen pusher, does not excuse you of any personal responsibility as the human flesh and blood being, representing the legal fiction or so called ‘professional’, named “NICK CARTER, CHIEF EXECUTIVE”.

Under common law, which takes precedence over your man made box of tricks that serve no other purpose, except to self serve those working together for a criminal “Common Purpose”, it is you, the flesh and blood human being that will be held responsible; and not “WEST BERKSHIRE COUNCIL”, the legal fiction who cannot talk, think, reason or even hold a pen, and therefore cannot protect you from the real life drama's and misery your human self imposes on others.

Due to the misery you have caused myself and my family, using your mind control and road blocking mechanisms to split my family up, I have no other option than to protect myself from further harassment, by placing the attached Common Law Commercial Lien on you.

You have 30 (thirty) days to rebut each point within this lien.

Justice will be served through a lawful and honourable governing system selected by the people of England, or by God's will; and not selected by a groomed and conditioned by criminal elite.

Carla: of the family Buckle


Sunday, 10 February 2013

CT - Bailiff pack - MoJ Company Report

The MoJ is a private-for-profit company, registered as such. ALL Magistrates and County courts are therefore places of private business, and, as such, DO need a contract to have ANY authority in their claim!

CT - Bailiff pack - notes



1.     Where you see anything in BOLD RED and enclosed in  Square Parenthesis like so:-


 then simply enter the data being requested and return the style to normal like so:-

Warrington District Council

2.     Where you see  [TITLE]  [FIRST NAME] [LAST NAME] then this means you should enter your name as shown in the corporate world (in caps with a Title) like so:-


3.     Where you see  [First Name]: of the [Family Name] family”  then this means you should enter your name as a Freeman on the land like so:-

John Edward: of the Smith Family

NB: The colon after your first names is intentional so do not remove it.

CT - Bailiff pack - Notice of Ownership


Date: [Insert Date Here]

I understand you or your agents has seized, or is intending to seize chattels, vehicles, goods, or property belonging to me at the above-mentioned address in respect of an alleged debt belonging to somebody else.
I confirm that I am the lawful owner of the aforesaid and there is no lawful entitlement enabling you to change ownership, possession, location, use and enjoyment of my property by way of a levy or a walking possession agreement.
Any attempt to subvert or rebuke this notice will result in an invalid levy and I will automatically file at court a Form 4 complaint with an application for costs against the certificated bailiff without contacting you further in this matter.
Please also take notice that the land known as England is a common law jurisdiction and any transgression of this notice will be dealt with according to common law. 

By: [First Name] (Agent)

[First Name]: of the [Family Name] family

WITHOUT PREJUDICE, i.e. all Natural Inalienable Rights Reserved

Please address all future correspondence in the matter to a direct Human Self, namely [First Name]: of the [Family Name] family, as commonly called.

Response to this notice should be forwarded within 3 days of receipt of this notice to the postal address known as:  [Your Address including Postcode]

CT - Bailiff pack - Council CEO proof of claim



[First Name]: of the [Family Name] family
[Your Address]
[Your Address]

[Chief Executives Name]
CEO & Chairman
[Council Name]
Trading as [District Council Name] (if applicable)
[Registered Address]

To the CEO [Chief Executives Full Name]
To the company known as [Council Name (Trading as District Council Name)]
Trading from [Registered Address as above]
Company Number [Company Number]                                

This letter is to inform you that because of information that has recently been passed to me I now place you under notice that as and from this date Sunday, 26 July 2009 I, [First Name] will be withholding all Council Tax contributions to the company known as [Council Name] County Council T/A [District Council Name] District Council hereinafter referred to as “the council”

I will resume contributions / payments to the council when it is clearly established that the council that I [First Name] contribute to, can provide evidence that it has no corporate status of any sort, way or kind; contrary to the evidence I [First Name] have provided and that the council can provide clear and concise accounts as a government body funded by the tax payer to show how all revenue collected from the tax payer, myself [First Name] being one of those contributors - goes to and for the services so described in the information leaflets sent out by the council. As a contributor I have the right to have full disclosure on what and how this revenue is being spent.

Furthermore, before any such payments can be resumed I [First Name] as a contributor to the council have the right to have the following questions answered in full and without delay;

1.     It is my understanding that council tax came into force as a Statutory Instrument enacted on the 1st April 1993 under its primary legislation the local Government Finance Act 1992. (1992 Act for short) Can you confirm this information to be concise?

2.     It is my understanding that a ‘tax’ is legally binding upon all ‘persons’ that the tax is deemed to be applicable to by the governing body enforcing the tax. Can you confirm this information to be concise?

3.     It is my understanding that council tax is enforceable upon the Legal Occupier of any Property. Can you confirm this information to be concise?
4.     It is my understanding that the Council known as the is in fact a Company (COPIES OF EVIDENCE SUPPLIED) under company number [Company Number]  with Legal Personality. Can you confirm this information to be concise?

With the greatest respect intended; because of the facts above aforementioned I [First Name] ask of you CEO Name of the company known as Council Name County Council to assist in answering the following questions in full and without delay;

1.     It is my understanding that a Statutory Instrument is defined as a; created written legal contract. Can you confirm this information to be concise?

2.     It is my understanding that a contract is; an agreement between two or more persons that creates or modifies an existing relationship and there must be mutual consent of acceptance from all persons engaging in the contract, otherwise the contract cannot exist. Can you confirm this information to be concise?

3.     It is my understanding that legal is form only (person) -- a man or woman is of substance, or words of nature; legal is the antithesis of moral or natural nothing can exist in the legal world without legal personality; a name on a piece of paper to say it exists. Can you confirm this information to be concise?

4.     It is my understanding that no mortmain can hold any form of authority as a mortmain cannot hold an oath of office; as you operate as a corporation/company (evidence supplied) then please would you be so kind to explain under what government department you derive this authority from, and under whose oath (Quo Warrante)?

Considering the above please could you provide clear and concise evidence of the following?

1.     It my understanding that council tax is in fact not a tax but is in fact an contract;  please provide evidence of where and when I [First Name] signed such a contract with the company known as [Council Name] County Council T/A [District Council Name] District Council and provide evidence of this signature?

2.     It is my understanding that council tax being a contract can only be enforced upon a Legal Personality (person) who is the legal occupier of any property and any and all such contracts cannot apply to me (a man or woman) [First Name] as a man or a woman cannot exist in the legal world without legal personality and as a contract can only be formed between two or more persons, then it is quite evident that the contract does not apply to me [First Name]. Please provide proof that a contract can exist between a company and a man or woman?

3.     It is my understanding that the company you head up namely [Council Name] County Council T/A [District Council Name] District Council has legal personality and as such this the only way it can enter into contract with another legal personality, so it is quite clear that the contract only exist between the two legal personalities which are nothing more than pieces of paper and you need the man or woman to represent this personality via deception as you do for your companies [Council Name] County Council T/A [District Council Name] District Council legal personality. This in its entirety seems to be fraud at the highest level so please provide evidence to the contrary?

4.     As stated before no mortmain can hold an oath so as such can never have any form of authority for without oath of office authority cannot be derived or even assumed. Considering your company [Council Name] County Council T/A [District Council Name] District Council is forcing adhesion contracts upon the good people of this area using deception to do so, again I ask of you to explain why this is not fraud and again please provide evidence to the contrary? 

My understanding is such that all the points above so mentioned are concise, true and accurate but I am extending an opportunity for you to confirm, deny or rectify in writing within 7 days these facts to establish a ground of clear understanding to move forward from. If you, [Chief Executives Name] as a representative for the company known as the do not answer said above aforementioned questions within the time limit, then it will be accepted by all parties involved that your demands for all/and any monies to do with the contract named as council tax will cease forthwith and until such time as clear an concise evidence is shown by you [Chief Executives Name]  on behalf of the company known as the to the contrary of the facts stated above.

Furthermore all parties involved including any officers, representatives, agents working for the company known as [Council Name] County Council T/A [District Council Name] District Council any/and or agents, third parties officers, representatives, representing the company known as Council Name T/A Name District Council and/or any officers, agents, representatives working for the company known as the Ministry of Justice and/or any officers, agents, representatives working for the company County Police will be served with a NOTICE of denied right of access.

Failure to heed this notice will deem the person/persons so mentioned above in contravention of the common law of this land and on entering the postal address known as [YOUR full address and Postcode] by/and all force deemed necessary will be removed and subsequently prevented from entering again under all and any circumstances.

Furthermore all monies from this date forward in regard to council tax will be as stated withheld and place in an ESCROW account until such time as this matter is resolved.

By: Royal Mail Recorded Delivery

Without ill will, frivolity or vexation

[First Name]: of the [Family Name] family

WITHOUT PREJUDICE, i.e. all Natural Inalienable Rights Reserved
Please address all future correspondence in the matter to a direct Human Self, namely [First Name]: of the [Family Name] family, as commonly called.

CT - Bailiff pack - Fee schedule covering letter


To whom it may concern.

Dear Sir or Madam
I hope this letter and the accompanying notice finds you well and leaves you better. You will find attached one Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right which contains seven pages, in addition to this cover letter, which contains two pages, (this and one other). I have crafted this Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right for the purpose of avoiding future conflicts when I begin exercising the rights claimed therein. It is my desire and intent to live freely, peacefully, and within community standards, and do so in an orderly and honourable manor, but without license, permission, restrictions or governance from your organisations. I am not “anti-government” nor do I advocate lawless behaviour, much to the contrary I wish to prove through my actions that good, orderly, reasonable behaviour need not be mandated to exist. I think government has its place in remedying conflict, and regulating those who wish to operate in limited liability. I wish to operate in full liability and without government interference. I do not wish to be a “thorn in your side” and I intend to fulfil my duties to protect the freedom of speech by improving the Internet and to use innovation, and creativity to make [INSERT TOWN NAME WHERE YOU LIVE], The United Kingdom, and the world at large a nicer place to live; needless to say if you are not bothering me I will have no time to bother you.
If you are bureaucratic in nature, these ideas may come as a bit of a surprise, but I think that with some observation, you will find that all of the creative energy that shapes our world comes from people who choose to act differently from their neighbours, and everyone who hasn't read all of the “bodies-of-words” that may have authority over them, lives in fear of being tried for violating something which they don't understand, and only does things that have already been done and proven “safe” with the government. Thus, the creativity of the people, and the productivity of a country, can be subverted by its government holding the people accountable for too much “law”.
Before literacy was widespread, law was written down, but the few who could read could interpret it however they pleased, or even make it up when telling the law to the illiterate. Literacy is a prized skill here because we understand that without being able to read we are at the mercy of those who can. Neither I, nor anyone I know, nor even anyone I have heard about, has read every word in the law library. Are we returning to an age when the majority is subjugated by the minority who understands the law?
Regardless of the overall trends, I have made a good-faith effort to read, and understand every law that may pertain to me, and have found this task to be beyond my abilities. I could not even find a map of which law applies to whom. I found deceptive language in the form of words, which looked like they meant one thing in context but, upon looking them up in a law dictionary, I found they actually mean something completely different. I found numerous references such as “has as much authority as a” which requires anyone who wants to understand the law to constantly need to ask more questions, amounting to “rabbit trails” of paperwork to follow in order to gain any meaningful insight. I found the words in the law library to be vague and very easy to construe in many different ways. I have a sound understanding of computers, and software, and it is my understanding that if the papers in the law library were software to run a programme, when taken as a whole, it would cause the system to crash. If somebody purposely wrote vague statutes in order that they would have multiple meanings, one or more of which would lead a reasonable person to violate the de facto Constitution the United Kingdom if acting as a public servant, then somebody has committed fraud.
Whether or not fraud was committed, I cannot read, understand, nor in good faith try to follow, all of the statutes, regulations, orders, and other words that have been written without my consent.
The remedy I have found is to make known to the world my understanding and intent, and claim the rights, which I believe to be mine. Any who disagree have an opportunity to discuss and negotiate, but those who silently wait out their opportunity and then take legal action once I begin exercising my rights are acting like predators, lying in wait and maximising conflict - and they are dishonouring my notice and dishonouring a main pillar of the Rule of Law, which clearly states that “conflict is avoidable and undesirable”.
I hope this letter causes you to think deeply and I hope you understand that your authority depends on the moral high ground, for your own credibility, and that of your government as a whole. 
Your legal-system was designed to destroy the lives of those who make their living doing injury upon others, and rightly so, but if you seek out peaceful claimers of rights, and persecute them, you will create a political movement, and freedom should only be for those mature enough to accept responsibilities. However, by agreeing to coexist peacefully, you may preserve your authority, and colour of authority for a long time to come.
In closing, I bid you fare-thee-well and wish you all the best in your endeavours. Without ill will, malice aforethought, frivolity or vexation, but with the intent of avoiding future conflicts or disputes by stating clearly my understanding and intentions, and by claiming my rights before exercising them.
I hereby sign this document with the "symbol" I have adopted below, to seal my present intention to authenticate this document.
Signed and dated on this, the [DATE] day of May in the year of our Lord 2009.

Sign your name here in RED INK
Freeman-on-the-land [FIRST NAME] of the family of [FAMILY NAME]

P.S. If you are unfamiliar with the term “A Freeman-on-the-land” it is a flesh and blood man and one of the people, who operates with full responsibility,  and has not given, or has lawfully revoked, consent to be represented or governed and, in any common law jurisdiction, a Freeman-on-the-land exists free of any statutory restrictions, obligations, and limitations...