Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Misuse of Public Office is a CRIMINAL offence!

It has been declared by judges that 'Workfare' is tantamount to Slavery!

"A three-judge panel at the royal courts of justice ruled that the secretary of state for work and pensions had acted unlawfully by not giving the unemployed enough information about the penalties they faced and their rights to appeal against being made to work unpaid for, in some cases, hundreds of hours."


This means that Iain Duncan Smith has committed a series of SERIOUS CRIMINAL OFFENCES including Misuse of Public Office, Misappropriation of Public Funds, attempted enslavement (Slavery is illegal under national and international laws), and fraud.
This is VERY serious! To continue to pay Council Tax and/or Business Rates while public funds are being used for proven CRIME is complicity in CRIME!
ANYONE who supports these SERIOUS CRIMINAL OFFENCES should be reported, arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned!
ANY councils that use public funds to support the 'Workfare' scheme are complicit in the SERIOUS CRIME of Slavery and therefore CRIMINAL!


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