Sunday, 10 February 2013

CT - Bailif pack - Council response to summons

[First Name]: of the [Family Name] family
[Your Adress]
[Your Adress]
[Head of Legal Services Full Name]
[Council Name]
Trading as [District Council Name] (if applicable)
[Registered Address]


Your reference [Case Reference]
Account Ref Number
[Council Tax Account Number]
My Ref
[Your Reference]

Dear [Council Name],

I am in receipt of a letter from
[Town] MAGISTRATES COURT In respect of the above A/C number & Addressed to [TITLE]  [FIRST NAME] [LAST NAME].

In the matter of your claim for council tax arrears for £
[AMOUNT] I can advise that I conditionally accept your offer to pay council tax as per the payment plan discussed on the phone, conditional upon the following -

  1. That you can demonstrate that there is a contract between the [Council Name]  & me ([First Name]: [Family Name] ) The man & not ([TITLE]  [FIRST NAME] [LAST NAME]) the person & a corporation.

  1. That [Council Name]  have given full disclosure (as required by common law) re the services being offered & that these have been accepted by me for the value stated.

  1. That you can demonstrate manifestation of intent by way of my seal and/or autograph on a contract between us.

  1. That the terms and conditions of any contract are lawful (in common law - Not statute law ).

  1. That a liability order is being sought against the legal fiction [TITLE]  [FIRST NAME] [LAST NAME] a person and a corporation by [COUNCIL NAME IN CAPS] ( a corporation ) being of equal status as required by law & NOT against [First Name]: of the family [Family Name] ( a man ) and of greater value & thus superior status to a corporation which would render the proceedings unequal in law and thus invalid.

  1. That Council Tax is lawful.

I would further advise that I do not give my consent to hearings being conducted in a court de facto ... & insist that this matter be dealt with in a court de jure ... under common law jurisdiction & that judgement be by way of a jury of my peers.

I would further advise that
[COUNCIL NAME IN CAPS]  Legal team should be fully aware of the status of [TOWN IN CAPS] MAGISTRATES COURT as being a branch of the ministry of justice which is a registered corporation - & as such conducts its business under admiralty jurisdiction -whose rulings are invalid on dry land without the consent of BOTH parties to the hearing & that I specifically do not give my consent to these proceedings under this jurisdiction.

While not wishing to appear dishonourable in this matter, I look forward with interest to your comments on this matter.

Yours sincerely without ill-will, vexation or frivolity

[First Name]: of the [Family Name] family
Life Force - Soul of Man

WITHOUT PREJUDICE, i.e. all Natural Inalienable Rights Reserved
Please address all future correspondence in the matter to a direct Human Self, namely [First Name]: of the [Family Name] family, as commonly called.

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