Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Public funds for FRAUD!

Councils have given pay-offs of £100,000 or more to 135 officials leaving their jobs in the past year, The Telegraph has found.

The pay-offs to the 135 officials followed several lucrative awards to council bosses the previous year. Analysis of local authority accounts found that 10 executives received pay-offs of almost £3 million between them, on top of their salaries and pension contributions.
The biggest were made by Kent county council where, in the past two years, five officials were given a total of £1.2 million.
Katherine Kerswell, the council's former managing director, received a £420,000 pay-off after less than 20 months in the job, on top of her £139,806 salary and £29,359 pension contribution. She is now the Cabinet Office's director of civil service reform on a salary of £142,000 a year.
Lynda McMullan, the former corporate director, was paid £172,000 in compensation and has since joined the National Audit Office as assistant auditor general. Mrs McMullan, who now earns £145,000, said after her appointment that "value for money" was one of the most important issues facing the public sector.
The accounts also disclose that Peter Gilroy, the chief executive before Mrs Kerswell was appointed, was given £407,851 in compensation. He has since formed his own consultancy.
Paul Carter, the leader of Kent council, said the authority had no choice but to make the payments after taking legal advice. He urged the Government to change employment regulations to make it less expensive to sack people.


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