Sunday, 10 February 2013

CT - Bailiff pack - Fee schedule covering letter


To whom it may concern.

Dear Sir or Madam
I hope this letter and the accompanying notice finds you well and leaves you better. You will find attached one Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right which contains seven pages, in addition to this cover letter, which contains two pages, (this and one other). I have crafted this Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right for the purpose of avoiding future conflicts when I begin exercising the rights claimed therein. It is my desire and intent to live freely, peacefully, and within community standards, and do so in an orderly and honourable manor, but without license, permission, restrictions or governance from your organisations. I am not “anti-government” nor do I advocate lawless behaviour, much to the contrary I wish to prove through my actions that good, orderly, reasonable behaviour need not be mandated to exist. I think government has its place in remedying conflict, and regulating those who wish to operate in limited liability. I wish to operate in full liability and without government interference. I do not wish to be a “thorn in your side” and I intend to fulfil my duties to protect the freedom of speech by improving the Internet and to use innovation, and creativity to make [INSERT TOWN NAME WHERE YOU LIVE], The United Kingdom, and the world at large a nicer place to live; needless to say if you are not bothering me I will have no time to bother you.
If you are bureaucratic in nature, these ideas may come as a bit of a surprise, but I think that with some observation, you will find that all of the creative energy that shapes our world comes from people who choose to act differently from their neighbours, and everyone who hasn't read all of the “bodies-of-words” that may have authority over them, lives in fear of being tried for violating something which they don't understand, and only does things that have already been done and proven “safe” with the government. Thus, the creativity of the people, and the productivity of a country, can be subverted by its government holding the people accountable for too much “law”.
Before literacy was widespread, law was written down, but the few who could read could interpret it however they pleased, or even make it up when telling the law to the illiterate. Literacy is a prized skill here because we understand that without being able to read we are at the mercy of those who can. Neither I, nor anyone I know, nor even anyone I have heard about, has read every word in the law library. Are we returning to an age when the majority is subjugated by the minority who understands the law?
Regardless of the overall trends, I have made a good-faith effort to read, and understand every law that may pertain to me, and have found this task to be beyond my abilities. I could not even find a map of which law applies to whom. I found deceptive language in the form of words, which looked like they meant one thing in context but, upon looking them up in a law dictionary, I found they actually mean something completely different. I found numerous references such as “has as much authority as a” which requires anyone who wants to understand the law to constantly need to ask more questions, amounting to “rabbit trails” of paperwork to follow in order to gain any meaningful insight. I found the words in the law library to be vague and very easy to construe in many different ways. I have a sound understanding of computers, and software, and it is my understanding that if the papers in the law library were software to run a programme, when taken as a whole, it would cause the system to crash. If somebody purposely wrote vague statutes in order that they would have multiple meanings, one or more of which would lead a reasonable person to violate the de facto Constitution the United Kingdom if acting as a public servant, then somebody has committed fraud.
Whether or not fraud was committed, I cannot read, understand, nor in good faith try to follow, all of the statutes, regulations, orders, and other words that have been written without my consent.
The remedy I have found is to make known to the world my understanding and intent, and claim the rights, which I believe to be mine. Any who disagree have an opportunity to discuss and negotiate, but those who silently wait out their opportunity and then take legal action once I begin exercising my rights are acting like predators, lying in wait and maximising conflict - and they are dishonouring my notice and dishonouring a main pillar of the Rule of Law, which clearly states that “conflict is avoidable and undesirable”.
I hope this letter causes you to think deeply and I hope you understand that your authority depends on the moral high ground, for your own credibility, and that of your government as a whole. 
Your legal-system was designed to destroy the lives of those who make their living doing injury upon others, and rightly so, but if you seek out peaceful claimers of rights, and persecute them, you will create a political movement, and freedom should only be for those mature enough to accept responsibilities. However, by agreeing to coexist peacefully, you may preserve your authority, and colour of authority for a long time to come.
In closing, I bid you fare-thee-well and wish you all the best in your endeavours. Without ill will, malice aforethought, frivolity or vexation, but with the intent of avoiding future conflicts or disputes by stating clearly my understanding and intentions, and by claiming my rights before exercising them.
I hereby sign this document with the "symbol" I have adopted below, to seal my present intention to authenticate this document.
Signed and dated on this, the [DATE] day of May in the year of our Lord 2009.

Sign your name here in RED INK
Freeman-on-the-land [FIRST NAME] of the family of [FAMILY NAME]

P.S. If you are unfamiliar with the term “A Freeman-on-the-land” it is a flesh and blood man and one of the people, who operates with full responsibility,  and has not given, or has lawfully revoked, consent to be represented or governed and, in any common law jurisdiction, a Freeman-on-the-land exists free of any statutory restrictions, obligations, and limitations...

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