Monday, 11 February 2013

Affidavit covering letter to council CEO

Covering letter for Commercial Lien against Nick Carter of West Berkshire Council

Recorded Deliverey Number A1 6527 6379 5GB


11th February 2013

West Berkshire Council
Market Street,
RG14 5LD

For the urgent attention of the person that accepts the liability for the name “Nick Carter” and for the fiction title of “NICK CARTER, CHIEF EXECUTIVE”.

In the last 4 years, I have had the displeasure of experiencing the most hideous, horrific, painful and deliberate attempts by West Berkshire Council and all its associates ie Thames Valley Police, NSPCC, Child Protection, Richard Benyon MP, De facto courts, and any other association involved in a conspiratorial agreement with each of the above, to disregard, dismiss, label, victimise, defame and other evil tactics, to destroy myself and my family.

The tactics used are becoming common knowledge by the people of the common law jurisdiction of England. Below are some of those that have been used against me:-

  • The deliberate manipulation of words and statements.
  • Intimidation and cruelty.
  • Referring people for psychiatric assessments that dare to lawfully defend themselves and tell the truth.
  • Referring People to various departments making them believe there may be a resolution, and once all of these have been exhausted to serve the “Common Purpose” of your establishment, any further communication between anyone and your establishment is met with hostility, aggression and threats.
  • Using people's vulnerabilities against them in order to serve a criminal “Common Purpose”.
  • Using template letters to disregard any correspondence that refers to the Common Law as “pure nonsense”, and that has no “legal basis”, in order to uphold your superior set of rules (company policy), and to justify your unlawful, criminal activity.
  • Expecting me to pay for my own stitch up, using threats and intimidation, and getting third party agents to bully me into submission to generate money for your shareholders.
  • Deceiving people into believing your acts and statutes are law, by using fear tactics.
  • Whistle blowing policies that serve no purpose, except to gain further information on the person you have targeted, and to look appealing in your policy and procedures, and used as a tool for your informants to feed you information if anyone supposedly brings your organisation into disrepute by informing the public of the criminal activities going on in your establishment; which is of course, a lawful duty of anyone that cares about the community; unless of course you are a criminal.

You have all sorts of weapons of destruction in your box of tricks to justify your actions, but what you wont ever deal with is the TRUTH.

Doing your job as a pen pusher, does not excuse you of any personal responsibility as the human flesh and blood being, representing the legal fiction or so called ‘professional’, named “NICK CARTER, CHIEF EXECUTIVE”.

Under common law, which takes precedence over your man made box of tricks that serve no other purpose, except to self serve those working together for a criminal “Common Purpose”, it is you, the flesh and blood human being that will be held responsible; and not “WEST BERKSHIRE COUNCIL”, the legal fiction who cannot talk, think, reason or even hold a pen, and therefore cannot protect you from the real life drama's and misery your human self imposes on others.

Due to the misery you have caused myself and my family, using your mind control and road blocking mechanisms to split my family up, I have no other option than to protect myself from further harassment, by placing the attached Common Law Commercial Lien on you.

You have 30 (thirty) days to rebut each point within this lien.

Justice will be served through a lawful and honourable governing system selected by the people of England, or by God's will; and not selected by a groomed and conditioned by criminal elite.

Carla: of the family Buckle


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  1. I full endorse this 100% as I have suffered the same for a decade since 2003 by South lakeland District council and cumbria county council, all this after being the elected councillor for Windermere town ward for 17 years!! I am witholding council tax until the corruprion ends. the threats and menace by public servants is criminal, unlwful, illegal and down right disgusting. Here I stand I can do no other. I have served the magistrates courts and the Councils fraud notice, they ignore me, I now ignore them.