Tuesday, 12 February 2013

CT & BR - raising money for the rich!

As if wanting to inform and provoke the majority of the population of Britain (aka UK plc) Cameron has already admitted publicly that his plans are "raising more money for the rich".
Many folk will not have seen this and will be amazed by how blatant is Cameron's admission!


When considering that our public services are being savaged, welfare payments being cut, disabled people forced to work for their 'benefits', pension funds under threat, hospitals being closed and sold -off, police forces being cut, ever more spending being made on wars of aggression, bank bailouts, bank bonuses, cover-ups, new legislation about secret courts, thousands of children being stolen from their families every year by Social Services, scandal upon scandal about paedophilia at various levels of government and in corporations, endless revelations about corruption in government, there could not be a more serious reason to STOP paying taxes of all kinds!

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