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CT Affidavit template idea - change as preferred

1 Noddy Drive,
East Sussex.
XX12 3XX

1st March, 2013.

Recorded Delivery
Tracking Number:

Council Tax department,
Any District Council,
Council offices,
Any Lane,
Any Town,
Any County.
AB12 3CD

My ref : Doc. A-1

Dear Sirs,
Without prejudice:


Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent; Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal.

Regarding Reference: a/.c number correspondence dated 3rd Febuary, 2013

I write in response to your letter of 3rd Febuary, 2013 which informs me that your PRIVATE COMPANY, claiming LIMITED LIABILITY, and actively TRADING AT A PROFIT ON BEHALF OF ITS SHAREHOLDERS has created an Order in favour of some Claimant, and (apparently) against myself.
I would like to point out that I xxxxxxxx: of the family xxxxxxxx, am the sole HUMAN occupier of the above property.
Your offer was addressed in the name MR XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX, in its capitalised form. It is my ESTABLISHED understanding that this signifies that the paperwork was addressed to a legal fiction known as a PERSON, which is, in point of fact, the name of some CORPORATION.

I am, however, of the conclusion that you intended your paperwork for my attention, as the agent and sole representative for MR XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX. I demand that any correspondence be addressed to my direct human self; that is xxxxxxxx: of the family xxxxxxxx, as commonly called, instead of a legal fiction, as said legal fiction has no hands with which to open your letter; no eyes with which to read it and no brain with which to comprehend the contents therein. I on the other hand have all of those and as I have no wish to dishonour any valid and lawful obligation on my part, I took the liberty of reading your confabulation, with the intention of providing a response.

As a Freeman-on-the-Land, a sovereign, living, breathing human being, a vehicle for a unique monadic consciousness, with an immortal and infinite soul, I am under Common Law jurisdiction, and not subject to Statutes and Acts which, I have established, are “restricted in scope and applicability by the British Constitution”. Also it is established that, and I quote “I, xxxxxxxx: of the family xxxxxxxx am a Freeman-on-the-Land and do hereby serve notice and state clearly specifically and unequivocally my intent to peacefully and lawfully exist free of all statutory obligations, restrictions”.
It is my understanding that ‘Town Council’ is a corporation and as such requires a contract in order to claim payment for any services provided relating to such a contract, and, as to my knowledge no contract exists between me,first name: of the family surname, and ‘Town Council’, I respectfully decline your offer to pay Council Tax.

I hereby Give Notice that I reserve the right to withhold any future payment of Council Tax until you can substantiate your claim to payment.

I, xxxxxxxx: of the family xxxxxxxx, the Undersigned Affiant, a Sovereign, a Private Person, a Living Soul, a Creditor, Claimant, and Secured Party and NOT a STATUTORY PERSON upon the land Any County, a county in the Country called England herein undersigned, do solemnly swear and depose:

1. THAT I am competent to state to the matters set forth herein.
2. THAT I have personal knowledge of the facts stated herein.
3. THAT all the facts stated herein are true, correct, and certain, admissible as evidence, and if called upon as a witness, I will testify to their veracity. NO THIRD PARTIES ALLOWED.
4. THAT the eternal, unchanged principles of Commercial Law are:
a) A workman is worthy of his hire. (thou shalt not steal)
b) All are equal under the law. (no one is above the law)
c) In Commerce, truth is sovereign. (thou shalt not bear false witness)
d) Truth is expressed in the form of an affidavit.
e) An unrebutted affidavit stands as truth in Commerce.
f) An unrebutted affidavit becomes the judgment in Commerce.
g) All matters must be expressed to be resolved.
h) He who leaves the battlefield first loses by default.
i) Sacrifice is the measure of credibility (no willingness to sacrifice = no liability, responsibility, authority or measure of conviction)
j) A lien or claim can be satisfied only through an affidavit by a point-for-point rebuttal, resolution by jury or payment.
5. THAT Commercial processes (including this Affidavit and the required responses to it) ARE NON-JUDICIAL and pre-judicial because:
a) No judge, court, government or any agencies thereof, or any other third parties whatsoever, can abrogate anyone’s affidavit of truth; and
b) Only a party affected by an affidavit can speak and act for himself and is solely responsible for responding with his own affidavit of truth, which no one else can do for him.
6. THAT the lawful seizure, collection, and transfer of ownership of money or property must be effected by a valid Commercial Lien which must contain certain elements in order to be Commercially valid, to wit:
a) The lien instrument must obviously, patently, and evidently be a LIEN by being clearly and explicitly titled "LIEN," "CLAIM OF LIEN," or "DECLARATION OF LIEN," and mandatory, by its exhaustive Commercial content (full disclosure) as follows in b), c) and d);
b) The lien instrument MUST CONTAIN a notarised hand-signed affidavit, for which the issuer is commercially liable, containing a plain statement of fact disclosing how the obligation of the lien was created, attesting that the commercial condition is true, correct, and certain;
c) The lien instrument MUST CONTAIN a ledger or bookkeeping statement connecting purchases, services rendered, and/or injuries sustained, with a claim of obligation such that each purchase, service, and/or injury is presented in a one-to-one correspondence with its partial claim of obligation. The partial obligations are then totaled to obtain the total obligation. This is called a "True Bill in Commerce."
d) The lien instrument MUST CONTAIN a statement, either specific or general, of the property being seized from the lien debtor to satisfy, or to guarantee satisfaction of, the obligation of the lien.
e) A NOTICE OF LIEN to be valid MUST CONTAIN a clear statement as to where the lien is filed, where it can be found and how a copy can be obtained.
7. A LAWFUL CONTRACT has: (1) Offer; (2) Consideration; (3) Acceptance by all parties for the Contract and; (4) The signatures by all Parties involved with the Contract. Only the Parties signing the Contract can participate in the discussion of the Contract. Full disclosure about the Contract is imperative.

However, being a responsible human being, I can advise that I will conditionally accept your offer to pay what I may lawfully owe upon receipt of the following:-

1. A new council tax order is sent addressed to xxxxxxxx: of the family xxxxxxxx, Showing the full amount requested, monies all ready paid and remaining balance due. The new order will be referenced as "Doc. A-2".

2. That you can demonstrate that there is a contract between the Any District council and me,xxxxxxxx: of the family xxxxxxxx (the man) and not MR CAPITOL(the person and a corporation), which contains signatures from both yourself and I.

3. That the Any District Council have given full disclosure ( as required by common law) the services being offered and that these have been accepted by me for the value so stated.

4. That you can demonstrate manifestation of intent by way of my signature on a contract between us.

5. That the terms and conditions of any contract are lawful (in common law - not statute law).

6. Proof that I, xxxxxxxx: of the family xxxxxxxx, have a lawful obligation to pay Council Tax, not withstanding quoting the Local government finance Acts to me.

I am also writing to point out that the Claimant (being nothing more than some other PRIVATE COMPANY, claiming LIMITED LIABILITY, and actively TRADING AT A PROFIT ON BEHALF OF ITS SHAREHOLDERS) had no right whatsoever, under the Common Law-of-the-Land, to make any such demand (of anyone). And that your Company did not have my consent to use the Arbitration Services you offer. This renders your Order TOTALLY UNLAWFUL, as things stand.
In short: Until you can show some LAWFUL obligation on my part, I do not CONSENT to TRADE with your Company.

I would further advise that the revenues and benefits service of Wealden District Council should be fully aware of the status of Any County Magistrates court as being a branch of the “ministry of justice” which is a registered corporation - and as such conducts its business under Admiralty jurisdiction, " Law of the SEA" - whose rulings are invalid on dry land without the consent of BOTH parties to the hearing and that I specifically do not give my consent to these proceedings under this jurisdiction.
I will only consent to and will accept any future communications if they are acceptable, under Common Law-of-the-Land and restricted to answers to questions from myself and only if addressed correctly to myself, xxxxxxxx: of the family xxxxxxxx .
I now demand that all of the above conditions be met and presented in Affidavit format sworn under oath or attestation, under penalty of perjury and upon your full commercial liability.

If I do not receive such a response conforming to the above criteria within thirty (30) days of the date of this letter, it will be deemed a tacit agreement by your acquiescence that I have no obligation to pay Council Tax.

Furthermore, if you can not provide me with the information I have requested, I will be seeking a full refund of all payments previously made.


I hereby give you Notice that any other communications in this matter - which you have raised without my consent - will cause me to apply fees at the rates quoted below, for which - by contacting me - you agree to be liable by 'performance'.
You will also incur an agent fee for, but limited to, addressing correspondence to the fiction Mr X Xxxxxxxx, MR X XXXXXXXX, MR XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX, . As it will require a responce from myself xxxxxxxx: of the family xxxxxxxx, as I am the agent and sole representative for MR XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX.


Telephonic conversations:
£400/hour or part thereof.

£200 for each and every instance.

£200 for each and every instance.

£100/hour or part thereof.

Agent administration:
£200/hour or part thereof.

If it should be necessary - due to your non-contractual insistence - for this matter to be raised in any future court, you agree to be liable to pay for my time away from home at £100/hour, plus travel, food and accommodation expenses.

Your sincerely ,

xxxxxxxx: of the family xxxxxxxx
Without any admission of any liability whatsoever, and with all Natural, Inalienable Human Rights reserved.

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