Saturday, 30 November 2013

Testimonies of disabled people expose the ROTTEN corporate councils & government!

Yet MORE examples of the disgusting activities of the CRIMINAL corporate councils as they enforce the CRIMINAL Acts and Statutes of the corporate government.

In the year 2010-2011 10,400 disabled people died with weeks of having their benefits denied by the ROTTEN corporations that run councils and welfare departments. 6,000 of those were suicides!
These testimonies show quite clearly how 'Public Servants' are acting on behalf of private-for-profit corporate interests as they literally steal the rightful funds and even homes from disabled people, and cause MASSIVE HARM to families around Britain. These acts are against International Law and against Britain's Common and Constitutional Laws. That means only one thing - the councils are staffed by willful CRIMINALS who often claim that they were 'only obeying orders' (like the Nazis claimed when they lost the war!), an excuse which the Nuremberg Laws made clear is NO EXCUSE!
NOW is the time to STOP PAYING Council Tax to the disgraceful CRIMINALS in the corporate councils!

Croydon Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

The corporate CRIMINALS in Croydon Council are attempting to stop a soup kitchen for homeless people after it's been going for 37 years!

Just another example of FAKE and FRAUDULENT 'Public Servants' (in receipt of Public Funds) failing in their duty to the public! These enforcers of corporate policies are working hard to make profits for the private-for-profit corporations that they truly serve, as they steal millions from the people of Britain for their private pensions, dodgy investments, unlimited expenses, interest on debts, etc etc.
Time for the decent people of Croydon to STOP PAYING any more Council Tax and demand accountability!

Friday, 29 November 2013

CRIMINAL Tory councillor gets caught!

A typical Tory councillor steals from a sick 91 year old woman!

As has been shown repeatedly, MANY Tory politicians are little more than CRIMINALS!
Time to STOP PAYING Council Tax for these lowlife!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Camden - another 'rotten borough'!

Camden council, another corrupt corporation, stealing Public Funds for private profits, is so neglecting its population that it is creating a 'Dickensian' situation of poverty!

As with ALL corporate-run councils, the CORRUPTION is BLATANT! When the corruption gets to the point where it is driving decent people into poverty, homelessness, malnutrition and even death, then the system MUST BE CHANGED!
Time to STOP PAYING Council Tax and DEMAND a Lawful and Accountable system!

Cameron misleads Parliament on Bedroom Tax...

David Cameron, the illegitimate 'coalition' PM is a ROTTEN LIAR, and has mislead Parliament and Britons YET AGAIN!

The CRIMINAL corporate councils are enforcing 'acts' which are AGAINST Common Law and AGAINST many Statutory Laws. Cameron is clearly (with his many rotten policies) acting AGAINST the interests of the country and its people and (along with his entire vested-interest corporate 'mafia') should be REMOVED FROM OFFICE IMMEDIATELY! NO corporate councils should be supporting the 'coalition' FAKE government or its LIES!
Time to STOP PAYING Council Tax and demand a system with FULL DISCLOSURE and NO CORPORATIONS using Public Funds for private profits!

Monday, 25 November 2013

The corporate councils and the CSA may want read this...

Halsburys Law states administrative courts unlawful. 

The law is absolutely clear on this subject. There is NO authority for administrative courts in this country and no Act can be passed to legitimise them because of the constitutional restraints placed upon her Majesty at Her coronation. The collection of revenue by such means is extortion, and extortion has been found reprehensible since ancient times.  
Separation of powers Today, in the year 2011, we find for example, that in the council tax regulations, the billing authority, the prosecuting authority and the enforcement authority are all vested in the same body. The same bodies even purport to issue their own legal documents, by tacit agreement with the Courts. In our system of Common Law, the rule of law demands that we have a separation of powers. Today, the powers are not separated. The executive is not a distinct, free-standing leg of the tripod. The executive now emerges directly from within the elected Chamber of the legislature where previously it emanated directly from the Monarch. That leads to constitutional confusion—because the executive has seized and misuses Parliament’s democratic credentials for its own, destructive, purposes. 
Fortunately, we have something to which we can turn to preserve our ancient laws and freedoms. We have the Oath that Her Majesty The Queen took at her coronation by which she is solemnly bound and from which no one in England, Wales and Scotland has released her. At Her Coronation the Queen swore to govern us, “according to [our] respective laws and customs”. Certainly, among our reputed “customs”, is precisely that invaluable and widely admired tripartite division of the powers. The judiciary is part and parcel of our customary system of internal sovereignty—“the Queen in Parliament”. It is one of the three separate but symbiotic powers, and it is a capricious and self-serving contention that it should not have the power to preserve the authority of the legislature over the executive. It is a constitutional principle that the assent of the Queen & Parliament is prerequisite to the establishment of a Court which can operate a system of administrative law in Her Majesty’s Courts in England. This was confirmed by Lord Denning during the debates on the European Communities Amendment Bill, HL Deb 08 October 1986 vol 480 cc246-95 246 at 250: “There is our judicial system deriving from the Crown as the source and fountain of justice. No court can be set up in England, no court can exist in England, except by the authority of the Queen and Parliament. That has been so ever since the Bill of Rights."

Essex County Council FRAUD!

Essex County Council staff have been committing MASSIVE FRAUD by spending millions on their unnecessary expenses. They are just one of the MANY corporate councils that have been found to be squandering Public Funds and thereby committing the SERIOUS CRIMINAL OFFENCE of Misappropriation of Public Funds! Those found guilty (especially the managers and council leaders) should be subject to heavy fines and sacked in disgrace, and in some cases imprisoned!

When enough people in Essex STOP PAYING Council Tax and DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY, then the situation will have to change!

Corporate councils and the LAW

Corporate Manslaughter is a serious offence. Many of the corporate-run councils are committing this SERIOUS CRIME. Many have already died as a DIRECT consequence of corporate councils harassing and threatening them. These CRIMINAL corporate councils have been imposing unlawful AND illegal 'Acts' that were invented by corporate owned politicians for private and corporate profits.

The 'laws' (corporate rules), such as the Local Government Finance Act 1992, make very clear that Council Tax IS subject to agreement/contract directly because it ONLY applies (as defined in the Act) to non-domestic property! That means that ANY liability for domestic property MUST be agreed upon and be subject to FULL DISCLOSURE and performance, as well as wet-mark signatures of both parties, to be Lawful OR Legal! This also means that the corporate councils making 'demands with menaces' (threatening fines and/or action by debt collectors and bailiffs) are acting totally UNLAWFULLY and ILLEGALLY.
When the corporate councils take public funds for their private pensions, debt interest, expense accounts, corporate promotion, etc, and don't list such expenditure in the accounts, they are committing the SERIOUS CRIMES of Fraud, Misappropriation of Public Funds, Misconduct in Public Office, and more. They are CRIMINALS by definition!
It will only take a reasonable proportion of the population to realise these FACTS and the whole SCAM FOR PRIVATE PROFIT will be exposed and have to be completely renegotiated!
Time to STOP PAYING Council Tax!

Corrupt corporate councils are breaking International Law!

"Never in all my years in the caring Profession have I come across this, in this day and age the 21st Century which is despicable and unacceptable."
"We as a Nation together should stand to together against Austerity and be ready to help others who need our help. And as neighbours to our elderly, poor, sick, disabled and vulnerable this can happen to anyone young or old, and is happening each and every day as 70 sick, disabled, unemployed and homeless are pushed into dire poverty and onto the streets or suicide."

The disgusting and corrupt corporate councils are clearly staffed by psychopaths and narcissists, people without empathy and/or so brainwashed and ignorant that they cannot find even basic humanity! When it comes to proper accountability these nasty people will face serious penalties and imprisonment for their obvious CRIMES!
Time to STOP PAYING Council Tax to ANY corporate councils!

'Bedroom Tax' driving homelessness...

"The rise in void properties has meant that over 700 homes in the sector are increasingly hard to let, with many remaining empty. With an estimated 90,000 people on social housing waiting lists, can we justify a policy that sees Wales losing out on 1,000 affordable homes?”
"CHC believes that landlords are faced with tough choices and that this policy threatens social justice and cohesion, turning tenant against tenant, tenant against landlord and vice versa."

Yet another example of CORRUPT BY DESIGN policies that are serious HARM to individuals, families, and communities. The corporate councils are complicit in these OBVIOUS CRIMES and many in the corporate councils know exactly what they are doing and how very wrong it is!
It is time to STOP PAYING Council Tax to these CORRUPT CORPORATIONS!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Do we have to pay Council Tax?

After the trailer, here is the excellent full movie from White Rabbit, asking the obvious question! 

Do we have to pay Council Tax? - The Movie - by White Rabbit
Si Spaniard analyses the various law governing the liability for paying Council Tax and discovers that THERE IS NO LAW THAT SAYS YOU HAVE TO PAY COUNCIL TAX, if you live in Domestic property! This means that councils and their staff that demand payment of Council Tax according to 'authority' given to them by law, are committing FRAUD! They can be proven to be committing FRAUD and therefore can be prosecuted for their BLATANT FRAUD! 

NB. the above link to the video from Si Spaniard is now showing as "Private". Hopefully it will be uploaded to other pages soon!

HA Chief urges abolition of 'Bedroom Tax'

"The chief of a North East housing association has written a personal letter to the Prime Minister urging him to scrap the bedroom tax.
  Iain Sim, chief executive of Coast & Country, asks Cameron to intervene to “abolish this most abhorrent of policies”. "

More and more people are discovering basic integrity and realising that MASSIVE FRAUD is happening at the highest levels of the corporate councils and government!

On Council FRAUD...

Communities Minister Baroness Stowell said: "It is good that councils detected £178m of fraud last year, but they need to go further."

The detection rate is pathetic. Corporate councils are committing FRAUD, by definition, every day and at the highest levels!

The BLATANT FRAUD of councils around the country...

The MASSIVE SCAM continues...

Private-for-profit corporate-run councils are rewarding FRAUD with Public Funds! Obviously they are all-in-it together and are running the whole SCAM from secretive meetings and decisions, quangos and dodgy 'Public Servants' and their dodgy departments!

How UTTERLY DISGUSTING that these CRIMINALS in Capita (TVL, Census, various councils, etc) and SERCO (dozens of corporate councils run by them) are creaming-off Public Funds for their corporate profits and the FRAUDULENT LIARS in the corporate councils are protecting them. This level of FRAUD (by definition in law) will result in up to LIFE IN PRISON for MANY of the CHEATS in the corporate councils, and deservedly so!

The Labour Party Ltd - USELESS ON TAX (or law)!

Most folk know the result of the USELESS Labour Party debate and vote!

The Labour Party Ltd, a private-for-profit company, that traded during Tony Blair and Gordon Brown's 'leadership' as "Alistair Darling MP" (weird name for a company!), has consistently NOT protected the inviolable and inalienable rights and freedoms that are clearly and irreversibly in Britain's Common and Constitutional Laws and Statutory Laws! 'NuLabour' are a warmonger party that has supported illegal wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria and the use and supply of illegal weapons for those wars by British companies and with vast profit going to the illegitimate 'coalition' government (UK plc) and their private shareholders. 'NuLabour' are NO OPPOSITION at all and should be ignored by the majority!

When hundreds of thousands of people STOP PAYING the FRAUDULENT 'Council Tax' to corporate councils then those same bankrupt corporations will demand fundamental changes!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Demolishing homes to deprive the homeless!

Demolishing homes while people are homeless, because they are too big? Using Public Funds?

Are these corporate councils staffed by people who are totally brain-dead? Are they so conditioned and unable to use simple powers of discretion? Are they so unfamiliar with the laws and customs of Britain that they will so easily obey orders and destroy what has taken so long to build? Do they not understand about the SERIOUS CRIME of Misappropriation of Public Funds?

Friday, 8 November 2013

Council whistleblowers wanted!

A reminder to ALL corporate council staff:

YOUR 'incorporated' employers are committing a serious CRIMINAL offence by giving you orders that are making YOU a party to their own criminal activities that constitute the serious CRIMES of Misconduct in Public Office, Misappropriation of Public Funds, and Fraud, to name a few!
As you will know, YOUR employers have sold the administration of your council to a private-for-profit corporation that is making its profits from Public Funds (FRAUD) whilst claiming that the taxes gathered are spent upon Public Services. This is made doubley serious by the FACT that the majority of Council Tax is used for private pensions, investments, interest on debts, gala dinners and limosines, unlimited expense accounts and credit cards, 'golden handshakes' for redundancy, substantial bribes to employees NOT to whistleblow about the extensive FRAUD, Common Purpose trainings, promoting other corporate interests and even promoting the EU!
As you will know, YOUR employers are cutting back on basic Public Services to the detriment of hundreds of thousands of decent people around the country! That alone makes the 'accounts' submitted to the inhabitants of council areas as BLATANT FRAUD and therefore any agreement to pay such taxes is NULL & VOID! This is precisely and directly because private-for-profit corporations are administrating council services whilst claiming that they can save money for the councils, and the same administrative corporations are siphoning-off Public Funds for their private profits, executive bonuses, shareholder dividends, etc. In most cases the evidence is in. The administrative corporations are NOT saving money in real terms, ARE profiting from Public Funds meant for the inhabitants of the area, and ARE directly causing real hardship by cutting back on Public Services, and ARE submitting FALSE accounts that do not show what is really happening!
As you will know, YOUR employers hire a court room for a day and ILLEGALLY issue summonses and liability orders without legally trained personnel present and without either court stamps or wet signatures of Magistrates or Judges. That is, by definition, a SERIOUS CRIMINAL OFFENCE! To make matters worse the same non-legally trained corporate council staff add substantial charges to make vast profits from the non-existent and illegal 'Liability Orders' that were issued fraudulently in the first place and add these charges to their demands and 'notices' (both offers to contract) without issuing a true Bill or Invoice because of the legal implications of issuing an invoice fraudulently and for services NOT provided! Just MORE corporate SCAM!

NOW is the time to 'blow the whistle' on ALL fraud that is occurring in councils!
We encourage all potential council whistleblowers to come forward and know that they are doing the right thing by exposing the ROTTEN corporate system!
One such whistleblower was reported here:

Anyone wanting to expose the level of corporate curruption can use this site:

Lawful Rebellion and Council Tax

The excellent and comprehensive article, from 3 years ago, on the Lawful Rebellion site, about non-payment of Council Tax:

The information should be an inspiration to anyone wanting to expose the FRAUD of the corporate councils and their FRAUDULENT and therefore CRIMINAL demands for local tax (using FRAUDULENT accounts, FRAUDULENT courts, and FRAUDULENT claims of 'legality'!), that is lawfully and legally VOLUNTARY and therefore clearly subject to agreement/contract under the Local Government Finance Act itself (see the previous post about Dwellings and Hereditaments)!

When the thousands of people, who disagree with the MASSIVE FRAUD of corporate councils, take action to refuse to contract and no longer pay for corporate FRAUD, then the system will have to fundamentally change!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Tory councils raising taxes

"Almost a third of all local authorities in England plan to increase council tax next year despite a government incentive to freeze it, according to new research."

So Public Funds are being used to provide an incentive to corporate councils NOT to raise Council Tax, but Tory corporate councils are going ahead with a rise anyway?
Does this mean that the corporate council executives are overspending on copper-bottomed pensions, dodgy investments, gala dinners, unlimited expenses, Common Purpose trainings, interest on debts, etc etc, and can't rob money from Public Services anymore?

KHT - "pay your rent or we take your kids"

In a disgraceful letter circulating tenants, Knowsley Housing Trust have threatened to take children from families that fall behind on their rent!
"...we must make you aware that if there are children at your property, a referral has now been made to Children's Social Care (Social Services) as the children at your property are now at risk of becoming homeless"
"The phrase in the above letter says that KHT will inform social services about your children and this has caused huge consternation and stress upon tenants who believe this means social services will take their children off them.  The wording that your children are at risk is either ineptitude writ large or deliberate and if so then that is abuse!"

"What this means in practical terms is that if a homeless family is deemed to be intentionally homeless under the housing duty then social services have a duty to the children (and their parents) to rehouse and ensure they are not destitute.  It does not mean social services only have to rehouse the children and not the parents.  It does not mean that children will be taken away from their parents either.  It simply means that the social services department rather than the housing. department have legal duties and responsibilities to rehouse you."

Using intimidation and threat to demand payment is a CRIMINAL offence! Those who wrote and authorised the letter should be severely disciplined, pay reduced and even sacked, and face prosecution for distress caused and to pay compensation to those harmed!
Councils that pay out any Housing Benefits to these type of housing trusts and associations do have the power to prosecute landlords for fraud and other law breaking. In this case VERY strong action is required to send a clear message that this type of behaviour is unacceptable and illegal!

Tory Mayor - Disabled kids "I would guillotine them."

Another example of the incredibly LOW standard of council personnel!

" He has now quit as deputy mayor but yesterday stood by his outburst.
He said: "I indicated at that point that perhaps the guillotine might be better.
"These are children you can't educate. It's merely a matter of caring for them until they die. "

It appears that, not satisfied with cheating Billions of pounds from the Public Trust (that was granted for the benefit of the Beneficiaries), not satified with stealing tens of thousands of children for their corporate FRAUD and international forced adoption rackets, the CRIMINAL corporate councils are introducing their 'inhabitants' to ideas of eugenics and a dark future for humanity! What next? Culling the old and infirm after stealing their pensions?

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Councils threaten evictions...

Never mind 'devolution'! That the Scottish councils are enforcing CRIMINAL and FRAUDULENT demands for money from ineligable domestic property, is bad enough. Now they are threatening evictions for FRAUDULENT demands that have NO LAW behind them!

These councils are either staffed by hopelessly ignorant, complacent and therefore complicit people, whose ignorance is NO DEFENCE when charges of FRAUD are made, OR they are staffed by malicious, psychotic, sadistic, fake 'public servants' (anyone receiving Public Funds!), who are CRIMINALS BY DEFINITION!
As most folk know, support for criminals is support for CRIME!

Redefining a Dining Room as a 'Bedroom'?

The LYING & CHEATING corporate councils that have NO LAW behind their demands for applying 'council tax' (mostly spent upon FRAUD!) on domestic property, are attempting to define a dining room as a bedroom so that they can FRAUDULENTLY charge a tax on it!

It's time to EXPOSE the CRIMINAL corporate SCAMMERS and FRAUDSTERS in councils across the country!