Friday, 8 November 2013

Council whistleblowers wanted!

A reminder to ALL corporate council staff:

YOUR 'incorporated' employers are committing a serious CRIMINAL offence by giving you orders that are making YOU a party to their own criminal activities that constitute the serious CRIMES of Misconduct in Public Office, Misappropriation of Public Funds, and Fraud, to name a few!
As you will know, YOUR employers have sold the administration of your council to a private-for-profit corporation that is making its profits from Public Funds (FRAUD) whilst claiming that the taxes gathered are spent upon Public Services. This is made doubley serious by the FACT that the majority of Council Tax is used for private pensions, investments, interest on debts, gala dinners and limosines, unlimited expense accounts and credit cards, 'golden handshakes' for redundancy, substantial bribes to employees NOT to whistleblow about the extensive FRAUD, Common Purpose trainings, promoting other corporate interests and even promoting the EU!
As you will know, YOUR employers are cutting back on basic Public Services to the detriment of hundreds of thousands of decent people around the country! That alone makes the 'accounts' submitted to the inhabitants of council areas as BLATANT FRAUD and therefore any agreement to pay such taxes is NULL & VOID! This is precisely and directly because private-for-profit corporations are administrating council services whilst claiming that they can save money for the councils, and the same administrative corporations are siphoning-off Public Funds for their private profits, executive bonuses, shareholder dividends, etc. In most cases the evidence is in. The administrative corporations are NOT saving money in real terms, ARE profiting from Public Funds meant for the inhabitants of the area, and ARE directly causing real hardship by cutting back on Public Services, and ARE submitting FALSE accounts that do not show what is really happening!
As you will know, YOUR employers hire a court room for a day and ILLEGALLY issue summonses and liability orders without legally trained personnel present and without either court stamps or wet signatures of Magistrates or Judges. That is, by definition, a SERIOUS CRIMINAL OFFENCE! To make matters worse the same non-legally trained corporate council staff add substantial charges to make vast profits from the non-existent and illegal 'Liability Orders' that were issued fraudulently in the first place and add these charges to their demands and 'notices' (both offers to contract) without issuing a true Bill or Invoice because of the legal implications of issuing an invoice fraudulently and for services NOT provided! Just MORE corporate SCAM!

NOW is the time to 'blow the whistle' on ALL fraud that is occurring in councils!
We encourage all potential council whistleblowers to come forward and know that they are doing the right thing by exposing the ROTTEN corporate system!
One such whistleblower was reported here:

Anyone wanting to expose the level of corporate curruption can use this site:

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