Monday, 25 November 2013

Corporate councils and the LAW

Corporate Manslaughter is a serious offence. Many of the corporate-run councils are committing this SERIOUS CRIME. Many have already died as a DIRECT consequence of corporate councils harassing and threatening them. These CRIMINAL corporate councils have been imposing unlawful AND illegal 'Acts' that were invented by corporate owned politicians for private and corporate profits.

The 'laws' (corporate rules), such as the Local Government Finance Act 1992, make very clear that Council Tax IS subject to agreement/contract directly because it ONLY applies (as defined in the Act) to non-domestic property! That means that ANY liability for domestic property MUST be agreed upon and be subject to FULL DISCLOSURE and performance, as well as wet-mark signatures of both parties, to be Lawful OR Legal! This also means that the corporate councils making 'demands with menaces' (threatening fines and/or action by debt collectors and bailiffs) are acting totally UNLAWFULLY and ILLEGALLY.
When the corporate councils take public funds for their private pensions, debt interest, expense accounts, corporate promotion, etc, and don't list such expenditure in the accounts, they are committing the SERIOUS CRIMES of Fraud, Misappropriation of Public Funds, Misconduct in Public Office, and more. They are CRIMINALS by definition!
It will only take a reasonable proportion of the population to realise these FACTS and the whole SCAM FOR PRIVATE PROFIT will be exposed and have to be completely renegotiated!
Time to STOP PAYING Council Tax!

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