Thursday, 7 November 2013

KHT - "pay your rent or we take your kids"

In a disgraceful letter circulating tenants, Knowsley Housing Trust have threatened to take children from families that fall behind on their rent!
"...we must make you aware that if there are children at your property, a referral has now been made to Children's Social Care (Social Services) as the children at your property are now at risk of becoming homeless"
"The phrase in the above letter says that KHT will inform social services about your children and this has caused huge consternation and stress upon tenants who believe this means social services will take their children off them.  The wording that your children are at risk is either ineptitude writ large or deliberate and if so then that is abuse!"

"What this means in practical terms is that if a homeless family is deemed to be intentionally homeless under the housing duty then social services have a duty to the children (and their parents) to rehouse and ensure they are not destitute.  It does not mean social services only have to rehouse the children and not the parents.  It does not mean that children will be taken away from their parents either.  It simply means that the social services department rather than the housing. department have legal duties and responsibilities to rehouse you."

Using intimidation and threat to demand payment is a CRIMINAL offence! Those who wrote and authorised the letter should be severely disciplined, pay reduced and even sacked, and face prosecution for distress caused and to pay compensation to those harmed!
Councils that pay out any Housing Benefits to these type of housing trusts and associations do have the power to prosecute landlords for fraud and other law breaking. In this case VERY strong action is required to send a clear message that this type of behaviour is unacceptable and illegal!

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