Sunday, 17 November 2013

The BLATANT FRAUD of councils around the country...

The MASSIVE SCAM continues...

Private-for-profit corporate-run councils are rewarding FRAUD with Public Funds! Obviously they are all-in-it together and are running the whole SCAM from secretive meetings and decisions, quangos and dodgy 'Public Servants' and their dodgy departments!

How UTTERLY DISGUSTING that these CRIMINALS in Capita (TVL, Census, various councils, etc) and SERCO (dozens of corporate councils run by them) are creaming-off Public Funds for their corporate profits and the FRAUDULENT LIARS in the corporate councils are protecting them. This level of FRAUD (by definition in law) will result in up to LIFE IN PRISON for MANY of the CHEATS in the corporate councils, and deservedly so!

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