Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Labour Party Ltd - USELESS ON TAX (or law)!

Most folk know the result of the USELESS Labour Party debate and vote!

The Labour Party Ltd, a private-for-profit company, that traded during Tony Blair and Gordon Brown's 'leadership' as "Alistair Darling MP" (weird name for a company!), has consistently NOT protected the inviolable and inalienable rights and freedoms that are clearly and irreversibly in Britain's Common and Constitutional Laws and Statutory Laws! 'NuLabour' are a warmonger party that has supported illegal wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria and the use and supply of illegal weapons for those wars by British companies and with vast profit going to the illegitimate 'coalition' government (UK plc) and their private shareholders. 'NuLabour' are NO OPPOSITION at all and should be ignored by the majority!

When hundreds of thousands of people STOP PAYING the FRAUDULENT 'Council Tax' to corporate councils then those same bankrupt corporations will demand fundamental changes!

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