Thursday, 28 February 2013

Council Tax courts scam

"If there is a case to be heard in the Court it has to be sent to the Court clerk (or  Court manager at County Court)  to consider, they then issue a Summons which is sent directly from the Court. As the Council issue the Summons it is not a Court matter, they just make it appear so by inviting (Summonsing) the person to the Court. As this is just a procedural matter for summary judgement (person already liable) and not of course a “hearing” it makes sense for them to do it themselves!"

"One of the other many problems with the form is that the Council is known ONLY as LBWF and it was confirmed in writing that xxxx xxxx Council did not exist! Their corporate office stated this in a freedom of information request. I also included this in my Notice that demanding payment for an organisation which did not exist appeared to be fraudulent. This fact was of course ignored.
Having found out the name of the Council solicitor who put this rubbish together, I stated this would be investigated. Having served Notice on the Head of Governance and Law, (the top lawyer in the Borough), I can say from experience these people do not know how to do their jobs or even know the law, and they just seem to break it when it suits them." 

Blatant FRAUD is being committed by councils around the country. This is Misappropriation of Public Funds and Misuse of Public Office, both of which are SERIOUS criminal offences!
Instead of paying more money to councils, the people of Britain should be declining to pay another penny towards FRAUD and be reporting the matter to police stations everywhere!

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