Sunday, 23 October 2016

Local Government Act 1888

All those reading this can see that there are NO outstanding amendments to the Act. This means the Act is fully in force today!
"(2) All duties and liabilities of the inhabitants of a county shall become and be duties and liabilities of the council of such county. "

As we know that the corporate councils have been 'hoarding' local Public Funds for years, leading to huge sums in "Unusable Reserves" that provide income from interest on investments. These essentially undeclared 'reserves' are enough to pay all the debts/obligations of the "inhabitants"but will never be used for the benefit of the 'residents' or 'occupiers'!

Some people want to know more:


  1. I sent that little gem to my local council, Derby and they wrote back informing me that it had been repealed and that the local government (finance ?) act 1992 took over.

    I'll try and dig the letters out and have another look at them. Currently we are on benefits so our options of not paying the CT is limited. What I'm doing at the mo' is holding back payment as long as I can and then when they send their threat-o-gram of 'notice of liability', I pay a token amount to shut them up and then stall payments again.


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