Sunday, 23 October 2016

Independent council - a working model for all

Frome in Somerset has a wholly independent council, with no political affiliation and no corporate allegiances, and council that serves its local inhabitants with great success and in total contrast to the previous bunch!
While this has not stopped the fraudulently enforced collection of Council Tax by the private corporation Capita on behalf of (contracted to) Mendip District Council, a way to increase Capita's vast share of Britain's Public Funds for its private shareholders and executives, at least the allocation of local Public Funds to Frome Council is spent wisely and for the benefit of the inhabitants!

Frome Independent Council

Peter MacFadyen

Other members of the public around the country, sick of the corruption and rot inside the corporate councils, may want to question any political affiliation in their local councils and want to stand as Independent councillors, to expose the political corruption and restore some elements of local democracy!

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  1. I faught Onslow borough council and the magistrate and I won. They did not have a case number from the court nor did they have a liability order number and no judge, I took it to the local police and they could clearly see the fraudulent activity by the council, but told me that they could not do anything as they did not know how, but if I did it I would get arrested for the same activity. But they are still insisting that I pay up this year