Monday, 6 June 2016

Bristol Council - TRULY a 'rotten borough'!

Bristol City Council have been flogging-off the last of their council housing stock, to drive the poorer inhabitants out of the city and into private rented accommodation. They obviously have 'forgotten' that Bristol's inhabitants PAID FOR the building of the houses in the first place!

"they will be a mixture of council-owned and affordable houses sold by the authority's new company." So Bristol Council has set-up its own private company to administer the sale of Public Assets, and the supposed construction of new housing?

As the inhabitants of Bristol paid Council Taxes for the police, the courts, council bailiffs, council staff and their corrupt pension funds, simply to STOP PAYING Council Tax will send a clear message to the corporate-run council that selling Public Assets and protecting the illegal sale with the corporate-run police and council-appointed private bailiffs, that they are 'served notice' of their criminal activities!

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