Monday, 5 August 2013

Bedroom Tax - 96% of the people hit have nowhere to move to!

The FRAUDULENT 'Bedroom Tax' is based upon lies and corruption!

"For the 38 councils that provided full data, 99,079 families are expected to be affected by the bedroom tax, but only 3,803 one and two-bedroom social housing properties are available – just 3.8 per cent of the homes required to rehouse the families who are hit.
Another 26 councils who responded said they expected a total of 45,669 families to be affected, but were unable to say how many smaller properties were available in their area."

The almost incredible level of FRAUD by the corporate councils implementing this harmful, and therefore CRIMINAL under Common Law, corporate government measure, is being exposed daily!

NOW is the time to STOP PAYING COUNCIL TAX for private profits, and hold all 'Public Servants' to account for their CRIMES!

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