Thursday, 15 August 2013

Corporate councils criticised for using bailiffs!

The FRAUDULENT corporate-run councils are using intimidation and harassment because they are like Mafia! These corporations are CRIMINALS using Public Funds for private profits while they sell off Public Assets and services that belong to/were paid for by the Public Funds! They are CRIMINALS, BY DEFINITION!

For the same CRIMINAL councils to use over 70% of the funds collected by Council Tax for spending OTHER THAN Public Services, and then claim that they are collecting the funds legitimately, is a ROTTEN LIE! Most Council Tax is used for copper-bottomed pensions for corporate council staff and executives while the people they were employed to SERVE are being robbed, driven out of their homes, taxed into debt and malnutrition, and (in many cases) driven to extreme depression and suicide!
Some councils use most of the Council Tax collected to pay the INTEREST ON THEIR DEBTS! The question is, how did they get so into debt? It certainly was NOT by providing Public Services!


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