Thursday, 29 May 2014

Leicester City Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

Corporate LIARS Leicester City Council are using the private-for-profit courts to UNLAWFULLY & ILLEGALLY penalise inhabitants for not paying the FRAUDULENT and therefore CRIMINAL 'Council Tax'!
"The council says the large number of cases are being brought on one day because of the limited availability of court time and because, at the start of the financial year it tries to recover overdue council tax from the previous 12 months.
Officials will be seeking liability orders from the courts, which are demands to settle the unpaid sums as well as court costs of £70.
They do not anticipate all 3,500 people will attend the court on Thursday as some might have responded to letters requesting payment.
Last July, more than 2,000 summonses were issued on one day, leaving hundreds of people queuing round the block to get into the court in Pocklington's Walk.
There was widespread confusion and anxiety at the time and, this year, councillors have been sent an e-mail warning them to expect a high volume of inquiries from concerned constituents ahead of their hearings.
A council spokesman urged people to try to resolve the matter before Thursday's hearing."

ALL Leicester inhabitants need to browse and study the previous articles on this site, and learn that when they ALL attend court the council's SCAM will be sabotaged! Tthey need to know NOT to be deterred by the FAKE 'court staff' that are non-legally qualified council personnel committing FRAUD! They need to know about the FRAUDULENT 'liability orders' that the corporate councils charge for. They need to know about the legislation regarding Council Tax which PROVES that non-domestic "dwellings" (hereditaments) are liable but NOT domestic property (as defined in the Local Government Finance Act 1992). They need to know that ANY dispute puts the whole matter ON HOLD! They need to know that ONLY the legal fiction, the ALL CAPS NAME is liable and yet is a FICTION, a CORPORATION, a DEAD ENTITY, and is therefore bankrupt and requires the human being to assume liability for the 'debt'. They need to know that MOST 'council tax' is PROVEN FRAUD which is NOT spent on local services at all!

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