Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Council Tax advisors and a councillor refuse to answer questions about corporate council FRAUD!

As this secretly recorded video shows, councils are private-for-profit registered corporations collecting revenue for their own profits and the profits of other private-for-profit corporations/companies such as the Police!
When asked about these SERIOUS CRIMINAL OFFENCES, Council Tax advisors, legal staff and a councillor claim not to know the law, avoid answering questions and admit to advising compliance with this FRAUD in all cases!


As the documents and laws found clearly demonstrate, there is NO law that compels anyone to pay Council Tax. Council Tax is a yearly agreement subject to Contract Law, requiring wet signatures of both parties and full disclosure at the point of signing. Therefore Council Tax is a VOLUNTARY contribution! Without consent there is NO Lawful obligation to pay!

Taking Public Funds for private profit is FRAUD and therefore CRIMINAL!
It is time to expose this corporate council CRIMINAL activity and STOP PAYING COUNCIL TAX!

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