Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Corporate councils and their private bailiffs

Corporate councils and the corporate courts are working together to create FRAUDULENT 'liability orders' and 'warrants' and 'summonses' to grant fake 'powers' to private bailiffs to steal, lie and cheat, unlawfully breaking into houses and taking private property. These 'Bulk Courts' and the private registered company 'Ministry of Justice' have no lawful authority so have to use harassment, intimidation and violence as methods of taking property!

These private-for-profit companies are conspiring to defraud and steal from local people. Why? Because they are leeches upon society, producing nothing of value and embezzling billions in Public Funds for their debt interest, substantial expenses, private pensions, corporate promotions, etc whilst providing inadequate 'Public Services' and cutting back on 'Public Spending'!
Time to STOP PAYING the unlawful and fraudulent 'Council Tax'!

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  1. My story,
    I have not paid council tax for over 2 years
    I have followed up everything i have ever been told by the C tax department and it is all lies.
    The undated summons sent to me, I requested info via foi, the undersigned clerk DID NOT issue it.
    The court it asked me to attend was a different name to the court house address given
    I wrote in to the court asking for clarification
    I found out that the court room is hired by the council and they run it/do all the paper work/send all the documents
    I refused to attend.
    I was then told they have a court order from yet another different court ( 3 courts now )
    I again ask from clarification
    They replied with, its just semantics and doesn't mean a thing.
    I rebutted the court order, and to this day have never seen it
    I have never been given proof of claim, and there are no court records.
    C tax department are acting unlawfully.