Monday, 29 July 2013

Bedroom Tax - a FRAUD that is ruining lives!

"Let's not lose sight of the fact that this is about real people, with real fears about growing debt and upheaval – and it is also about us as a business. Rent arrears built up by residents affected by the bedroom tax have risen by £7,777 in 12 weeks, an increase of 9%, and the overall number of affected tenants who have fallen behind on their rent has risen from 187 to 279 – a whopping 49%."

As this report shows, cutting Public Services and removing benefits does not improve anything for the economy.
Whilst the government gives hundreds of millions in subsidies to rich landowners, huge subsidies to corporations, STILL allow huge pay rises to politicians and corporate heads, are spending billions on the EU, spending hundreds of millions arming Al CIAda and other terrorists, claiming to be able to spend trillions on Trident missile systems, allowing leading Tories and others to embezzle billions on offshore accounts, are involved in one expenses scandal after another, they are showing the entire population that there is NO SCARCITY OF MONEY WHATSOEVER!
Failure to serve the Public Trust and its Beneficiaries is FRAUD and a CRIMINAL offence. Time to STOP PAYING TAXES to CRIMINALS!

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