Saturday, 20 July 2013

Social Services to be fully privatised - FRAUD!

Paying Council Tax is support for MASSIVE corporate FRAUD!
""For the government to consider outsourcing a sensitive service such as foster care to the private sector, when we have just seen with G4S and Serco how a profit motive can have disastrous consequences for the public purse, is madness. The proposals remove many of the checks and balances required to ensure the safety of children whilst introducing the unchecked unpredictability of the market. They should withdraw these proposals now and think again,""
 "The DfE said it was "nonsense to suggest that private-sector and voluntary organisations cannot provide good-quality services for children" and that the suggested change in policy was first explored under the last government."
"Labour claims that the government's proposals leave a potential conflict of interest because the same company would be able to award placements, monitor them and run them."

Social Services (SS) are being run for profit NOW! Council Tax goes towards paying for SS on a county by county basis. This plan is simply full privatising of the 'service', for profit, from Public Funds, with obvious conflict-of-interest, which is, by definition, FRAUD and therefore CRIMINAL!

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