Friday, 29 March 2013

Irish Home & Water Tax campaign

The Campaign against Home and Water Tax met in Malahide last night.
Clare Daly explains very well the principles and consequences of 'registration' by home owners and tenants. Clearly 'registration' is to create liability which then allows the councils to use further measures to make further levies and taxes against the majority, while the better-off are taxed less and the more wealthy receive huge tax cuts!
When it is fully comprehended that local taxes are NOT paying for local Public Services, but are, in reality, mostly being used for private corporate profits, for paying-off the debts of bankrupt corporations, for 'investments', for copper-bottomed pensions of councillors and other corporate council employees, then the majority of folk will want to know how NOT to pay and how to Legally and Lawfully demand private agreements in direct proportion to the actual services provided!

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