Friday, 29 March 2013

Attack The Tax

A useful interview with Peter Anthony Keegan in Ireland, the man behind

Many of the points raised also apply to UK/Britain, ie that there is NO Lawful or Legal requirement to pay such property taxes, and that paying such taxes is FRAUD by definition, directly because the councils submit FRAUDULENT ACCOUNTS (the majority of the funds collected are NOT used for Public Services) and then use intimidation and harassment in their demands for payment!
What Tony Keegan and his colleagues discovered was that there is absolutely NO legal requirement to fill in and return documentation. This is of course because the private corporations administering the councils are private businesses and DO require contract (consent) to have ANY authority whatsoever. Without FULL DISCLOSURE at the point of signing, and without the signatures of BOTH PARTIES, there is NO contract and any 'agreement to pay' is NULL & VOID!
This also means that using administrative processes, the corporate councils can be prosecuted for their FRAUD!

How to Legally Attack The Tax and NOT PAY! An inspiring video:

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