Friday, 29 March 2013

Expressing Terms & Conditions of business...

Some useful information on dealing with private corporations - expressing Terms & Conditions.
ALL business with a private corporation is subject to Contract, which means that corporations trick folk into agreeing to their T&Cs without agreeing to the T&Cs of the indvidual! When folk apply their own T&Cs as a condition for signing any agreement, when the corporation accepts any payment and/or makes contact again, THEY have agreed to the T&Cs listed!
Such T&Cs can be posted on blogs and websites or be issued in paper form.
Similarly, one's T&Cs can be in the form of a comprehensive Fee Schedule, which can include fees for 'research', phone calls, emails, stationary, travel and accommodation, etc, hourly rates for dealing with administration and home visits, higher hourly rates for attending court, penalties for late payment and any errors by corporations, costs of recovery of debts, etc etc.
Of course be realistic in such fees but in the knowledge that non-legally qualified court personnel are paid £100+ per hour, accountants, doctors etc, are usually paid far more!

Watch again and again, as necessary!

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