Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Northampton County Court BULK Centre scam

This issue of the FRAUD of the 'Bulk Courts' applies to Council Tax summons as well!

"Listen to this MP3, recorded last year
I (Liz Watson) spoke to the 'bulk centre' first, then the County Court -- this recording is VERY telling!
It's time for everyone to awaken to the huge scam being run by County Councils, who admit to issuing WARRANTS internally and NOT through the so-called "court" -- it is entirely illegal
He says "they do operate separately to us".... "they don't work in the same way"....the BULK Centre is an abuse of process !!!
so NEVER pay up on tickets to them
He admits "we're not legally trained" -- yet works in a court -
Listen to how each scam-centre contradicts the other!!
Feel free to circulate this on websites etc.
"money claim on line" = "new system" -- she says "all the paperwork is done on line"
They admit to having no judges in the 'Bulk centres', no court rooms -- then she hung up !!
I hope this proves a useful 'wake up call'...."
Liz Watson



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