Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Challenge the policy!

How to challenge the 'Bedroom Tax' and topple government policy

"We are encouraging as many people as possible to challenge these decisions as if enough people do this then the administrative difficulties will add to the pressure on the government to withdraw this policy."

The article includes this excellent letter of inquiry:
Dear Sir/Madam,

I received your decision letter dated (INSERT DATE) and referenced (insert reference number) that imposed an under occupation charge, or bedroom tax of 14% / 25% (delete as appropriate) on my existing award of Housing Benefit.
I am considering challenging this with a view to considering a formal appeal. I require further information listed below to be sent to me within 7 days of this letter to ensure I have enough time to formulate any appeal and that I am in full knowledge of the facts of my case within the time allowed.

OR in the alternative I request the deadline for any such formal appeal be moved to 21 days after I receive the request information below:
1. A written copy of the Council’s policy and decision-making procedures in relation to referring a socially housed claimant decision to the Rent Officer Service.
2. A full explanation of how the council decided that (INSERT ADDRESS) was determined to be a (insert claimed bedroom numbers) bed property for the under occupation charge and this to include what involvement if any of my landlord, (INSERT LANDLORD NAME) in this process.
Please state by way of covering letter with the requested information any changed deadline date from above with regard to a formal appeal.
Yours sincerely



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