Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bedroom Tax inquiry letter template

The how and why of writing to councils enquiring about and appealing the new 'Bedroom Tax'!

"If every tenant affected by the bedroom tax decision appealed then the system is brought to its knees.  The government expects just 3% to appeal and estimates an appeal costs the local council £200."

  1. How can a HB Officer decide what a bedroom is if there is no legal definition?
  2. If defining a bedroom would tax the minds of the most learned judges then how does IDS expect a HB officer to make such a decision!
  3. Has the council seen your property or how many bedrooms it has?  No – so a 3 bedroomED property does NOT mean you have 3 bedrooms does it?
  4. A property is not the same as the number of bedrooms it has!!
  5. Has the HB Officer simply accepted your landlord’s word that you have 3 bedrooms? Yes.  So this is a decision taken without the HB officer knowing is this is true or not!!
  6. The government (DWP) issue very detailed guidance (48 pages long!) on this and if you council has not followed this then this is also grounds for appeal. "

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