Wednesday, 24 April 2013

No choice and no 'democracy'!

"You do not have this choice. As previously stated liability for Council
Tax is determined in accordance with the statutory regulations and your
liability for this is not contingent upon either your consent or the
existence of a contractual relationship with the Council."

So let's get this straight. Private-for-profit corporations that have taken over the administration of Public Services (ie. services for the Public that are paid for by Public Funds) without the consent of the beneficiaries of the Public Services, are saying that there is NO CHOICE but to pay them! And we can establish that only about 30% of the money paid to them actually goes to the provision of Public Services! The rest goes to their PRIVATE pensions, CORPORATE debts and other clear examples of LYING for profit using our Public Funds!
For people who don't understand the LAW, Misappropriation of Public Funds is a CRIMINAL offence and Misuse of Public Office is a CRIMINAL offence!

So, CRIMINAL corporations are COERCING (using THREATS and INTIMIDATION) local people to give them money against their will, using FALSE accounting and TRICKERY, to delude the same people into believing that a 'Legal' Contract exists and that if they don't pay then the same PRIVATE CORPORATION will use PRIVATE (MoJ is a Private-For-Profit registered company) courts to UNLAWFULLY fine the people and use bailiffs to STEAL property!

Perhaps it's time for more people to WAKE UP!

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