Friday, 8 August 2014

Notice of Lawful Tax Rebellion

Can be adapted to suit personal circumstances:


I have received legal advice that
(i) The actions of the UK government in waging war in Afghanistan and Iraq causing the deaths of innocent civilians are illegal and constitute crimes of genocide and crimes against peace; and
(ii) The actions of the British tax payers in paying taxes to HM Government which uses them to finance the war and the killing of Iraqi nationals, constitute crimes of ‘conduct ancillary to genocide’ and ‘complicity in a crime against peace’.

As free-human-on-the-land known in ancient times as Albion, I no longer accept a taxation system where we are forced to support illegal warfare. I won’t support the unlawful killing of men, women and children in waging unlawful wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. These wars have also injured 3 million people, and driven 8 million of them into exile.
I admit that by paying taxes I have unwittingly supported the illegal wars.
I confirm that I have never intentionally broke the laws of war, and that I made my tax payments to parliament, the British government and its agents in the mistaken belief that they were to be used for lawful purposes.
I renounce all forms of violence against any human being.
I promise never to aid, abet or support a war of aggression. This means an unlawful use of armed force which breaches international treaties and agreements.
I withdraw my consent to the payment of taxes [income tax, council tax, VAT, PAYE, corporation tax, fines, duties etc.] and all payments to the UK or EU governments, or their agents, for as long as they continue to use our money to violate international treaties and the laws of war.
I give notice to any corporation or person acting as agent of the UK, US AND EU governments of their lawful duty to pay all taxes, duties, fines or loan repayments into escrow accounts. The money in these accounts can then only be accessed by tax collectors when our political, civil, judicial and military leaders recall the troops and begin to uphold and enforce correctly the laws of war.
My intention in taking this action is to create peaceful, fair, just, equitable, law-abiding, compassionate, democratic society working in cooperation and brotherhood with all nations. I am not alone in my beliefs and I know that we want to bring about a better world for this and future generations.
I am a soul living my purpose.

By: Free-human-on-the-land

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  1. Hey mate, great post. Did post a letter? Did you get a response? Well done mate.