Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Council Tax increase - MORE FRAUD!

While central government gives Billions in tax subsidies to various corporations, has given Billions of pounds to PROVEN CRIMINALS in Lloyds Bank and RBS group, has given Billions of pounds to Israel, gave over £170 Million to terrorists in Syria, proposes Billions for HS2, proposes Trillions to be spent on Trident, and has lost Hundreds of Millions on the failed DWP Universal Credit system:
...has allowed MPs to get away with Millions of pounds in numerous expenses scandals, gives Millions of pounds to MPs and Lords for their bar expenses, raised MPs wages by 11% whilst cutting basic benefits to the majority, has given Millions of pounds of Public Money to the 'charity' Common Purpose, spends Billions of pounds on munitions, gives Hundreds of Millions to the monarchy every year (the queen is the richest person on the planet), has misused and misappropriated Millions of Public Funds on protecting PROVEN paedophiles in the media, law enforcement, social services and government, and all that whilst depriving Millions of people of basic living needs, driving Hundreds of Thousands of people into debt and tens of Thousands of people to death (including Thousands of suicides)!

Now, to add insult to CRIMINAL injury, they are increasing the PROVEN FRAUDULENT Council Tax (aka Poll Tax) to pay for even more CORRUPTION!

It really is time to STOP PAYING Council Tax!

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