Friday, 25 July 2014

Nottinghamshire County Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

As more and more folk are discovering, ALL councils have something to hide!
After scandal upon scandal involving Social Services (private-for-profit registered companies -, secret Family Courts, the very CORRUPT corporate Ministry of Justice, corporate police and lawyers, we know children are the creators of jobs and huge salaries for the corrupt and used as sex toys for the perverted!
(80 victims found - so far!)

How strange that yet more files on paedophiles have 'disappeared'! It seems that the paedophiles in central government, parliament and house of lords, and in the CORRUPT corporate councils, are desperate to hide their CRIMES!

Nottinghamshire County Council consists largely of CRIMINALS!

Nottingham City Council and Nottingham Police have BOTH been involved in the COVER-UP of paedophilia in Nottinghamshire!

Time to STOP PAYING Council Tax to ALL councils, and especially to the PAEDOPHILES in Nottinghamshire County Council!

Whistleblowers are invited to come forward, on this issue and on a WIDE RANGE OF ISSUES concerning the VERY CORRUPT councils!

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