Friday, 8 August 2014

Third Party Interlopers OWN THE DEBT!

When a 'debt collection company' or bailiff company "purchase a debt" THEY OWN THE DEBT! That means that the DEBT IS PAID! There is NO FURTHER LIABILITY unless YOU choose it! These companies rely upon 'Joinder', established on the phone or in person by confirming 3 sets of personal details, to pay them a single penny! They rely upon intimidation and harassment to create 'Joinder' and to bully people into paying them!
ALL folk facing these bullies should learn the basic TRUTHS about these FAKE and FRAUDULENT claims!

When the corporate councils sell-on their FRAUDULENT 'debts' to 'debt collection agents' the claim is to be considered "settled in full" and "no further contact is necessary". Then it's time to send an Estoppel that establishes a proper Fee Schedule for ANY further contact. These Fee Schedules CAN be enforced in court!

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