Friday, 8 August 2014

The "housing benefit bombshell"!

 The "housing benefit bombshell" that WON'T go away!

"It is all part of the “long-term economic plan” that the Conservatives keep mentioning, every chance they get.
That plan is to provide government support to major employers and to private landlords rather than the people who need it."

The SCANDAL of the corporate-run and therefore FRAUDULENT UK plc government and their huge corporate SCAM of embezzling and siphoning-off Public Funds to their friends, is now well exposed!
Whilst central government continues in its plans to bankrupt the councils and pave the way for EU regional government, they have needed ways to create enormous division and separation in the counties, corrupting corporate councils with bribes for Fracking and planning infringements, forcing the sales of council assets (Public Property) into private hands and steadily rotting councils from within!

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