Friday, 25 October 2013

Councils acting unlawfully, by definition!

Councils are unlawfully collecting penalties from debtors settling their accounts prior to any court action. This procedure is not in accordance with Regulation 34(5) of the Council Tax Regulations, which requires that the authority shall not proceed with the application if the aggregate of the outstanding debt and costs reasonably incurred by the authority is paid or tendered to it.
Essentially authorities are not lawfully permitted to charge debtors the liability order costs detailed in Regulation 34(7)(b) in such circumstances, however, by charging these costs prematurely at the summons stage, they are doing exactly this.

Yet another example of corporate councils acting unlawfully. This constitutes the serious CRIME of Fraud and when reported to police cannot be construed as a "civil matter" (as police like to call it), but as a CRIMINAL offence is subject to arrest and prosecution!
What is VERY clear is that ALL the CRIMINAL corporate councils MUST be brought to account for their obvious CRIMES!

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